Water Lily



Name in different languages:

English              -       Water lily 

Hindi                 -       Kumud, Kui, Nilophar, Tala ki Anaar

Sanskrit             -       Kumud, Kumudni, Chardechesta, Kuvlay, Keirav

Latin                 -       Nymphea lotus

Marathi             -        Kamod

Gujarati             -       Poyanu, Naalopal

Bengali              -       Kumud, Shaluk, Halaphool, Sandhi 


        Water lily is cool in nature and its fruit is bitter. It is useful to end bile disorders, blood disorders, fatigue, cough and vomiting. It brings out phlegm and quenches the thirst. Its tuber-root is sweet and heavy, which ends bile disorders and increases fat. It cures metrorrhoea and keeps the brain calm. It ends possibility of abortion. Its seed increases vatta and ends blood disorders caused by bile and diarrhoea. Mix seeds of water lily with milk and add sugar-candy in it. Give this medicine to the patient to end blood disorders caused by bile, leucorrhoea and lesbian.