Water Chestnut



Name in different languages:

Hindi          -      Kaseru, Gondla, Keuti

Sanskrit      -      Kaseruk, Raajkaseruk, Didhkand, Asipatra, Trikonak

English       -      Water chestnut

Latin           -      Scirpus grossus

Marathi       -      Kachera, Kurdya, Kachra

Gujrati        -      Kaselan

Bengali       -      Keshurdhara, Lalukesur


          Water chestnut is dry, sweet and pungent. It takes time in digestion. Its fruit is sweet and cool in nature. It checks bile disorders and brings the phlegm out. It quenches thirst and stops vomiting. It enhances physical power and milk in the breast.

          The use of water chestnut heals the wounds up and reduces swelling. It sets the motions and prevents early ejaculation. It is a good remedy in spermatorrhoea. Its use also alleviates poisoning.