Water Caltrops



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There is a creeper of water caltrop, which is planted in ponds. The fruits of water caltrops appear in its creeper inside the water. It contains good amount of iodine. Water caltrop is useful in throat diseases and tonsillitis. Its creeper is long while the leaves are in triangle shape like bitter-gourd leaves. There are thorns over its creeper. The peel of water caltrop’s fruits is very hard and strong. Water caltrop contains 22 percent more minerals than the milk. Water caltrop is very nutritive. Taking water caltrop provides power to the body and enhances blood cells.  

        Water caltrop is red with light blackness. Its pulp is white which is used for making flour after drying. Cooked vegetables and saak (cooked green vegetable) are also prepared with water caltrops. It is mixed with nutritive products. Its excessive use provides ample strength and nutrition to the body. The body gets all required elements from water caltrop. Taking water caltrops increases flesh in the body.


        Water caltrop is cool natured, sweet and pungent and takes time in digestion. It sets the motions and checks blood and bilious disorders. It enhances sperm count and causes stomach gas. It increases the phlegm and makes the womb strong.

        The juice of water caltrop is cool natured, nutritive and peptic. It enhances sperm count and eliminates vatta, pitta and kapha. It ends the burning sensation and disturbances in the blood caused by bile. It abolishes distress. Taking water caltrop makes the penis strong. The juice of water caltrop’s creeper ends the burning sensation and cures eye diseases

According to Scientists: It has been found after analyzing that water caltrop contains good amount of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, lime, iron, phosphorus, minerals, vitamin-A, starch and manganese. Water caltrop also contains 5 percent fat, 3 percent proteins, 7 percent alkali and 4 percent carbohydrates.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Ringworms:

  • Grind dried water caltrop with lemon juice and apply it on the ringworms daily. The patient will feel burning sensation in the beginning but later on he gets relief. Ringworms disappear by root within few days after its use.
  • Grind water caltrops, singi root, root of clerodendron serratum (Bharangi) plant and juniper berry (Hauber) together and mix water in it. Apply this mixture on the affected portion to get rid of ringworms, scabies and itching. 
  • Grind water caltrops, bhingi root, root of clerodendron serratum (Bharangi) plant and Jhauber 10 grams each together. Boil 10 grams mixture in one cup of water until it remains half then put down and filter it. Drinking this decoction regularly for 7-8 days gets rid of itching and scabies.  

2. Leucorrhoea:

  • Eat pudding (Halwa) of water caltrop’s flour to get rid of white leucorrhoea. Eating the breads of its flour is good remedy for the treatment of bloody leucorrhoea.
  • Taking 3 grams powder of dried water caltrops mixing with honey twice a day gets rid of all types of leucorrhoea.
  • Grind 25 ml water caltrop, 10 grams sona ruddle and 25 grams sugar-candy together and take 5 grams this mixture twice a day. It provides quick relief.
  • Taking the juice of water caltrops twice a day is useful to get relief in this disease.

3. Weakness of the uterus: If the fetus in the womb does not stay because of the weakness of the uterus, she should eat fresh water caltrop regularly for a few weeks after conception. Give pudding (lapsi) of water caltrop and milk to the pregnant woman twice or thrice a day. This medicine prevents bleeding and the woman does not become the victim of abortion.

4. Strangury: Take the decoction of water caltrops to get rid of strangury.

5. Swelling: Grind the bark of water caltrop and apply it on affected part. Its use gets rid of pain and swelling.

6. Impotence: Grind dry water caltrops and mix ghee and sugar in it to make pudding (halwa). Give this pudding (halwa) to the patient to eat. Its use gets rid of impotence within a few weeks.

7. Retention of urine: Mix 20 grams tal sugar-candy, 15 grams ghee and 30 ml water caltrop together. Taking this mixture with cold water twice a day is a good remedy in retention of urine.

8. Safety of the foetus in the 7th month of pregnancy: Grind water caltrop, lotus pipe, currants, liquorice, and sugar and water chest nut together and mix milk in it. Give this mixture to the pregnant woman in the 7th month of pregnancy for safety. Its use gets rid of vagina pain.

9. Bed wetting: Mix ground water caltrops and loaf-sugar approx 25 grams each together. Giving 1-2 grams mixture with water to the patient twice a day gets rid of this disease.

10. Sperm deficiency: Mix gum of acacia tree, pure ghee and sugar-candy with flour of water caltrops and take about 30 grams this mixture with hot milk. It enhances sperm count.

11. Epistaxis: The patient of epistaxis should eat water caltrops after rainy season.

12. Leprosy: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of water caltrops, galls root, root of clerodendron serratum (Bharangi) plant and Jhauber together. After that, take 3-4 grams this powder regularly. It is good remedy for the treatment of leprosy.

13. Elephantiasis: Mix cow urine in the decoction of water caltrops and drink this mixture. It reduces the swelling caused by elephantiasis.

14. Body strength: Eat the pudding (halwa) of the flour of water caltrop everyday. This enhances the body power.

15. Tonsils’ enlargement: Boil water caltrops in water and gargle with it daily. Its use reduces the swelling of tonsils. 

16. Scrofula (Throat tumour): Water caltrop contains good amount of iodine. Eating water caltrop cures scrofula and other diseases of the throat as goitre, palate inflammation and stammering.