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       Water is second important element after wind that is necessary for living. Our earth needs to it, owing to its importance.Water is one of the five basic elements (fire, water, wind, earth and sky). Water not only provides life to human but also to every creature that are living on the earth as- plants, tree, insects, birds and animals. Water is second important element after wind that is necessary for living. Our earth needs to it, owing to its importance. This is the reason why, the life has only originated on the earth; expect whole universe.

        70 % area of the earth has water. We can see its water in various types as- cloud, water and snow that exist on the apex of the hills, and sea.  But the quantity of water is limited on the earth. About 146 crore cube kilolitre water presents on the earth according to guess.  In which has only 1 % drinkable water and 2 % ice, and 97 % salty water of the seas. Water is the base of life. Nutritive element is arrived at the body cell and waste elements are brought out from the body by water. The existed water in the body provides smoothness to the digestive system.  

        Generally, 2600 milliliters water is consumed every day (1500 milliliters by kidney, 650 milliliters by skin, by 320 milliliters lungs and 130 milliliters by excretion) that is received from meals. But also, minimum 2-3 liters water should be drunk every day.  Water should be drunk slowly that is helpful for interring easily in the stomach without effecting body temperature. According to World Health Organization, 75 % clean drinkable water is present in cities and 40 % in villages.  

Nature: 90 % water exists in plasma that is liquid portion of the blood. The water of body divides into two parts as the first is internal cell water, and another is external cell water. 40% internal cell water and 20% external cell water is present in the body than the body weight. There is a quality of soluble water. By this quality, the chemical process and reaction of the body is run. The service of water makes the chemical process of the body normal. By it, the body temperature is controlled consequently, it is normal.  The man can live without having meals for few days, but without water, he cannot live. If body has deficiency of 10-20 % water than definite quantity, blinking of the eyes stops and the man cannot speak too, and above 20% water deficiency can causes bleeding instead of urinating and the man may die.

Precautions: Water should not be drunk after coming from sunlight, loose motions, having sex, taking tea, milk, hot food, cucumber, and melon.

Characteristic: Water should be dunk in much quantity that is helpful for protecting from sunstroke, high blood pressure, piles, gonorrhea, urinary diseases, heartbeat, constipation and burning sensation of stomach. Water should be taken time and again but in small quantity that is helpful to cure anorexia, eye diseases and tuberculosis (T.B.). Milk should be drunk instead of water in problem of diabetes and diabetes mellitus. Taking lukewarm water is helpful to cure obesity, gas trouble, colitis, stomach worms, ribs pain, coryza, flatulence, throat diseases, purgative, fever, diarrhea, breath problems, cough, hiccup, and other disorder is caused by eating oily and spicy food. Extract lemon in lukewarm water and take, it increases appetite and eliminates stomach gas. Taking lukewarm water in winter prevents cough and cold.

Useful in different disease:

1. Semen diseases: Bathing with fresh (cool) water provides benefit in nightfall and semen diseases.

2. Epistaxis (nose bleeding): Pouring cold water on head continuously prevents nose bleeding that is caused by walking in scorching sunlight.

3. Contipation:

  • Boil 10 ml water and after that mix honey in it. After that, take it before 30 to 50 minute of going to bed at night, it eliminates constipation. 
  • The suffered patient form constipation should take 25 to 30 glass of water in day.
  • Mix one spoon salt in one glass of water and take, it clears the stomach.
  • Constipation does not occur by taking water, because stool is loose by taking water, and stool easily comes out during excretion.  If you have been suffering from constipation, squeeze lemon in water and take it. It eliminates constipation. 
  • Taking one glass of water after awaking, and taking water drop by drop during taking meal provides benefit in constipation. 

4. Asthma:

  • Keep hands or legs in lukewarm water for 10 minutes, it provides relief in asthma attack.
  • Take lukewarm water at night, it provides benefit in asthma and cough. If asthma attack occurs, lukewarm water also should be given.

5. Chilren health: Keep fresh water in sunlight for four hours. After that, bathing the child with this water regularly at proper time is good for its health.

6. Insomnia:

  • In the position of insomnia, keep both feet in lukewarm for 10 minutes before sleeping at night consequently, sleep comes just time. By washing the legs with cold water sleep comes properly.
  • Keep both heels in lukewarm water before 5 to 10 minutes of sleeping. Its process is called Ushnapad nahana. If you feel giddiness, you put wet towel on your head. Taking clod water in the summer season and taking lukewarm water in the winter season and also washing the legs with lukewarm water provides deep sleep.    

7. Insects bite: If anyone is bitten by scorpion, bee, wasp, chameleon and mouse etc., apply pure ghee on the affected part and after that keep on pouring water on this part continuously. The poison of insects is removed by doing this process.

8. Scorpion bite: If one is bitten by scorpion, by just taking bath, scorpion bite poison does not circulate.

9. Freshness: Taking water in the morning provides freshness in the body.

10. Tiredness: Mix salt with lukewarm water. Keep both the legs in this water for sometime, it provides relief from tiredness because of excessively walking.

11. Anuria and Dysuria (Burning sensation during urination): If you feel burning sensation during urination and urine is coming drop by drop caused by sunlight, soak pieces of cloth in cold water and tie it below the navel, it removes such these problems.

12. Thirst with dryness throat: Taking lukewarm water quenches thirst caused by dry throat.

13. Worm of the ear: Mix salt with lukewarm water and drop it in the ear, it destroys the ear worms and throws out it.

14. Body pain: Foment the affected part of the body with lukewarm water and then foment with cold water one by one, it provides relief from all the kinds of body pain.

15. Toothache: Keep lukewarm water in mouth for 2 minutes and after that keep cold water in mouth for 2 minutes. Repeat this process four times. This process should be started with lukewarm water and ended with cold water. It provides relief from pain. Repeat this process 3 days after getting relief. If the gums swell, gargling with lukewarm water cures gums swelling.

16. Burns: Immerse the burnt part of the body in cool water consequently, the blisters (fafola) and burning sensation do not occurs, and burnt marks removes by doing this treatment. The burnt portion which could not be immersed in water, then immerse cloth in water and tie it on the burnt part, and keep on cooling this clothe with water, it provides relief.

17. Wounds and hurt: Immerse cloth in water and wrap it on the affected parts to cure wounds and hurt. The wounds and hurt is cured by this treatment.

18. Fever: Immerse a piece of cloth in cool water and keep it on the forehead to get relief. If one has been suffering from fast fever, immerse towel in cool water and tie it on the forehead. Wipe the body with wet clothes. Body should not be affected by wind during wiping, and should be covered with blanket.

19. The use of O. R. S. in Children Loose motions: Mix the O.R.S., which has been certified by W.H.O. (World health organization) with water. Give this mixture to child to drink. It provides relief in loose motions, and prevents weakness due to loose motions. Meals should be avoided during this treatment. Only milk is enough that is suckled by mother.

20. The process of preparing solution:  First of all, take one liter pure water, 8 small spoon sugar and 40 grams salt. If water is not pure, boil one litre of water and cool it, and than dissolve salt and sugar in water to make solution. For treatment, give this solution to small children by spoon, and younger children by glass at an interval of few foments. It provides benefit in vomiting and loose motion.

21. Sunstroke:

  • Drink as much water as you like to drink in the summer. It is helpful for protecting from sunstroke.
  • If the person who has been suffering from sunstroke, the suffered patient should be bathed with cold water properly. Cold water should be poured on the patient head.

22. Digestion debility of child: Mother should drink one glass of water before 15 minutes of suckling. It is helpful in easy milk digestion for her child. Loose motions do not occur by doing this process.

23. Indigestion: Avoid the meals whole day, only drink water. It is helpful for curing indigestion.

24. Unconscious:

  • Grind small pepper with water and applying it on the patient eyes removes unconscious:
  • Splash the cool water on the face of the patient to awake up.
  • Splash cold water on the face of the patient consequently, he awake from unconscious.

25. Bad effects of intoxicant: The bad effects of intoxicant are removed by taking much water.

26. Legs sweating: Keep both legs in cool water, and then keep in lukewarm water one by one. Rub both legs each other during this process and then wipe with towel.  Using this process regularly one week prevents excessively sweating of legs.

27. Hardness of heels: When the Heels, mostly of women‘s are effected with darkness, hardness and dryness. Wash the heels with lukewarm water and apply oil to make the heels soft and smooth.

28. Hair falling: Immerse the towel in cool water, and squeeze it. After that apply it on the head and then immerse it with warm water and again apply it on the head, repeat this process one by one for two minutes. Use this process continuously for 20 minutes daily, it prevents hair falling.

29. Acne of the face: Apply the dew that exists on the grass in the morning upon face, it cures acnes and prevents them.

30. Fomenting: Water is also used to foment. There are tow type of fomenting as the first is cool fomentation and another is warm fomentation. Using this fomentation provides benefit in different diseases.

31. Stye: Immerse a piece of cloth in lukewarm water and then keep it on the affected eyelid to foment for 3 minutes. After that, again immerse this cloth in cold water and foment, use both fomentation one by one, it cures stye within two days.

32. Swelling of testicle:

  • Foment the affected part of the body with lukewarm water to cure the swelling of testicle.
  • The swelling of testicle is removed by fomenting with lukewarm water and then cold water one by one.

33. Eyes diseases: Use cool fomentation (with ice, cool water or rose water), it provides relief in burning sensation in eyes, redness and swelling. Note: - don’t use cool fomentation in pus problem.

34. Sinusitis:

  • If one feels burning sensation in eyebrow and around the eyes due to pain. Boil the water and inhale its vapour by left nostril in case of pain in the left eye otherwise inhale vapour by both the nostrils in case of pain in both the eyes, it provides relief.
  • Make the 2 inches pad by folding the cloth five times then immerse this pad in cool water or ice. After that, foment the eyes by this pad, it provides relief.

35. Fever caused by phlegm and bile disorder: Boil one litre water until it remains 250 ml. Take this water, it eliminates phlegm, and cures fever.

36. Cough: Take lukewarm water at night before going to the bed to prevent cough.

37. The quantity of drinking water: About one and half to two litres water should be drunk in the winter season, and about 3 litres in the summer season. The water should be drunk before one hour of taking meal or after about two hours of taking meal.

38. Gum pain:  Boil water after dissolve salt in it and then gargling with this water in the morning and evening daily provides relief in toothache and removes offensives smell from the mouth.

39. Uterus swelling: Fill the bottle with lukewarm water and foment the navel with this bottle, it provides relief.

40. Gastric

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling 50 grams mint, 10 grams caraway (ajvine) and 10 grams gingers in one glass of water, and then mix sugar or jaggery in it. Take two teaspoon this decoction after meals to end gastric.
  • Drink one glass of lukewarm water according to wish after having meals, Follow this process regularly for some weeks to get benefit in gastric.
  • Pour water on the stomach continuously for 10 to 15 minutes and then rub this part by left hand, it provides relief from gastric.

41. Suppressed catarrh:

  • Heat the water in sunlight for 5 to 6 hours and drink it; it is helpful for the patient of suppressed catarrh.
  • Take much fresh water before going to bed; it cures cold.

42. Hiccup:

  • Taking fresh water prevents hiccup.
  • Taking cool water quaff by quaff cures hiccup.
  • Water should be drunk in hiccup; it is helpful for preventing hiccup.
  • Taking cool water cures hiccup due to throat dryness.

43. Loose motions:

  • Cool the boiled water and drink it, it provides relief from loose motions.
  • Boil one litre water, and mix two teaspoons sugar and one pinch salt in it. Take 2 grams this preparation 2 to 3 times a day, it provides relief from lose motions.

44. The charm of face: Foment face with vapour of water or milk. It makes the face clean, and helps to glow the face.

45. Indigestion: Take two drops Amritdhara with fresh water after taking meals, it is helpful for the patient of digestion.

46. Swelling and pain: Foment the affected portion of the body with lukewarm water for three minutes and then with cold water, use both the fomentations one by one. It provides relief in all the kinds of body pain.

47. Fever caused by bile disorder: Boil one litre water until remain 700 milliliters and then take, it cures fever that is caused by bile disorder.

48. Over thirst: Mix salt with lukewarm water and drinking it quenches thirst.

49. Obesity:

  • Bathe with lukewarm water to reduce the obesity. Drinking lukewarm water is also helpful.
  • Mix honey in stalk water. After that bathing with this water daily provides benefit in obesity.  
  • Mix juice of one lemon and two teaspoons honey with 250 ml lukewarm water to make syrup. Take this syrup on empty stomach for 3 months regularly; it reduces obesity.
  • Boil 125 milliliters water and put down from fire, and make lukewarm of it. After that, mix 15 milliliters lemon juices and 15 grams honey in it to make syrup. Take this syrup on empty stomach, it reduces fat and obesity.
  • Drink one glass of water before taking meals, it controls over eating. Fat reduces within 2 months by doing this treatment.

50. Kori pain: Mix 5 drops amritdhara in water and take, it provides relief in kori pain.

51. Stomach worms:

  • Mix 6 grams bishop seeds (khurashani ajvine) and 10 grams old jaggery in 10 glass of pure water. Take this mixture to destroy stomach worms.
  • Drink lukewarm according to wish after half hour of taking meals. It destroys stomach worms.

52. Stomach pain:

  • Boil fresh water and make light cool of it, and mix one teaspoon honey in it. Take this mixture to get relief from stomach diseases.
  • Fill lukewarm water in a bottle and foment the stomach with this bottle. It provides benefit in all the types of stomach pain.
  • Boil one glass of water, and squeeze one lemon in it. Taking this mixture eliminates constipation, indigestion, stomachache and removes foul gas that is caused by retention of stool.

53. Rheumatism (joints pain): Cook 50 grams terebinth, 20 grams sunlight soap, 9 grams camphor (kapoor) and 100 milligrams water with sesame (til) oil. Massaging painful parts of the body after applying this preparation on these parts provides relief in rheumatism.

54. Giddiness: Applying bandage immersed with cold water provides relief in nervousness and body pain.

55. Skin diseases:

  • Make a bandage with cloth, and immerse it in water. After that, squeeze it and wrap the neck of the child by it and then cover the child with blanket. All type of skin diseases of the child are not occurred by doing this process for some days.
  • Pour cold water on the affected parts form itching for 15 minutes to end itching.

56. The muscle stone of the hand and legs: Grind the old copper coin with water and apply it on the muscle stone of the hand and legs two and three times in day provides benefit.  

57. Chronic wounds: Mix bird dung with water and apply it on the chronic wounds to cure them.

58. Ribs pain: Taking lukewarm water after meals provides relief.

59. Boils: Fomenting with lukewarm water on the boil at night is helpful.

60. Erysipelas: Foment boils and the affected part of the body with lukewarm water for 3 minutes and then with cold water for one minute one by one twice a day (in the morning and evening). It is much helpful for curing them.

61. Numbness of the body: Mix kasumba oil in water and apply it on the body and after that massage the body removes numbness.

62. Headache:

  • Wash the head with cool water, and then take bath to cure the headache caused by warmth.
  • Fomenting the legs with lukewarm water provides relief in headache caused by cold.
  • Apply bandage immersed with cold water on the forehead, it provides relief from headache caused by blood pressure.

63. Black spots of the face: Taking much water is helps to provide glowing face. Minimum 8 glass of water should be drunk in a day.  It is helpful to clear stomach.

64. Hoarseness: Boil the water and inhale its vapour by the throat, it removes hoarseness.

65. Swelling:

  • Dissolve a little quantity of salt in lukewarm water, and foment the hand or legs with this water, it removes swelling.
  • Boil 250 grams wheat in 2 litres water, and then filter this water. Fomenting the swelled part of the body with this water provides relief.