This suggestion is for those people who consider sexual intercourse as a thrilling experience. The people who do not become satisfied from their wives during sexual intercourse are rash towards sexual intercourse. They always want to make sexual relation either with their wives or another’s wife. They take much interest in making sexual relation with harlots.

Such person should improve their habits. If they make sexual relation with harlots, they should use condom necessarily. Use of condoms avoids them from the disease named aids. If someone rejects the use of condoms while making sexual relation on the base of society and religion, it is quite wrong. Use of condoms is beneficial for both society and man.

If men make sexual relation with harlots or other persons’ wives, they should be use condom for safety. They will not become the victim of aids by its use. Such kinds of men should try to improve their bad habits. Besides it, they should make sexual relation with condoms.