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Agricultural walnut tree is 40 to 90 feet high and fruit’s peel is thin.Introduction:

        Walnut is very beautiful and fragrant tree. There are two kinds of walnut. Savage walnut tree is 100 to 200 feet high and grows by itself. Its fruit’s peel is thick. Agricultural walnut tree is 40 to 90 feet high and fruit’s peel is thin. It is known by the name of ‘Kagzi’ walnut. The triggers of guns are made from it.

Name in different languages:

English         -         Walnut

Hindi            -         Akhrot

Sanskrit        -        Shailbhav, Akshor, Karppal Akshot, Akhsod

Bengali         -        Aakrot Aakhrot, Aakot

Malayalam     -       Akrod

Marathi         -        Akhrod, Akrad

Telugu          -        Aksholum

Gujrati          -        Aakhod

Parsian        -        hartigaz, Gouz, Charmagna, Girdga

Arabic          -       Jouz

Latin             -       Juglans regia

Color: Walnut is brown in color.

Taste: Walnut is vapid, sweet, smooth and delicious.

Structure: The ‘Peelu’, which grows on hills country, is called walnut. It is also known by the name of ‘Karppal’. Mostly, its tree is found in Afghanistan. Its flowers are white, small and with cluster. Leaves are round, long and some thick. Its fruits are round like emetic nut but peels are very hard. Its seeds are sweet, nutritive and interesting like almond.

Nature: Walnut is hot and dry.

Precautions: Walnut is harmful for bile natured people.

Bad effects removal: Pomegranate water should be used to remove the bad effects of walnut.

Compare: It can be compared with pinus gerardiana (Chilgoza) and cuddapa almond.   

Doses: 10 to 20 grams walnut can be used.


Walnut is very nutritive and makes the heart soft. It also makes the heart and brain strong and enthusiastic. Its toasted seeds are useful to cure cough caused by cold. It is also useful for the treatment of stomach gas, bile disorders, tuberculosis, heart disease, vomiting, blood deficiency and inflammation.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Tuberculosis: Grind three pieces of walnut and five buds of garlic together then fry it with one spoon cow ghee. After that, give this preparation to the patient to get relief in tuberculosis.

2. Stone:

  • Make the powder by grinding walnut (with peel and kernel) and filter it. After that, take this powder with cold water twice a day for some days regularly to bring out stone with urine.
  • Make the powder by grinding walnut with peels and store it. After that, give one spoon this powder to the patient with cold water twice a day regularly to end stomachache and break stones.

3. Bed wetting: Often some children are suffered from bed wetting. After that, give two pieces of walnut to children with twenty pieces of dried grapes for two weeks regularly to cure this disease.

4. White marks: Taking walnuts regularly removes white marks.

5. Pimples: If someone suffers from excessively pimples, he should take 5 pieces of walnut in the morning for one year regularly because it provides relief in the pimples.

6. Nauseate: Eating walnuts is useful to end nauseate problems.

7. Spasm: Grind one walnut with water and coat it on the navel, it provides relief spasm.

8. Children stomach worms:

  • Give two pieces of walnut to the suffered children after that give milk for drinking. Using this process in the evening for some days regularly kills stomach worms and brings out with stool.
  • Give 60-80 ml decoction of walnut bark to the suffered children to destroy stomach worms.

9. Brain weakness:

  • Take 25 to 50 grams kernels of walnut regularly to increase brain power.
  • The person, who suffers from memory weakness, should eat walnut because it increases memory power.

10. Tonic for old people: The old person should eat eight pieces of walnut kernels, four pieces of almond kernels and ten pieces of dry grapes and thereafter drink milk. Using this process in the morning regularly ends weakness caused by old-age.

11. Epilepsy: Grind walnut kernels with juice of five leaved chest. Apply its collyrium in the eyes and drip it in both the nostrils too, it provides relief in epilepsy.

12. Eyesight: Burn two pieces of walnut and three stones of myrabalan chebulie in fire and prepare ash from it. Grind this ash with four pieces of black peppers and apply it in eyes as collyrium, it is very useful to increase eyesight.

13. Scrofula: One should take 40 to 60 ml decoction of walnuts leaves and wash the throat tumours with this decoction too, it cures scrofula.

14. Teeth diseases:

  • Chewing walnut bark is useful to make the teeth clean.
  • Brushing with ash of walnut peels makes the teeth strong and clean.

15. Breast milk: Grind one gram coarse wheat flour (Suji) and ten grams walnut and thereafter mix it together. Prepare pudding (Poori) from this mixture with ghee and give it to the woman. Using this process for 7 days regularly increases the breast milk.

16. Cough:

  • Chewing toasted kernels of walnuts provides relief in cough.
  • Make ash by burning walnut with peel and store it. After that, lick one gram ash of walnut peel with honey to get relief in cough.

17. Cholera: In the cholera, when the bits run in the body or body becomes suffer from spasm in the winters, walnut oil should be rubbed on the body.

18. Loose motions: Take 20 to 40 ml walnut oil with 250 ml milk in the morning brings out stool easily after becoming soft.

19. Piles:

  • In the flatulence piles, give inject of 60 to 80 ml decoction of walnuts peel in the anus by syringe reduces swelling and pain.
  • Give 2-3 grams ash of walnut peels to the patient with any purgative medicine thrice a day to stop bleeding from the piles in bloody piles.

20. Menses disorders:

  • If any woman suffers from retention of menses, she should take 40 to 60 ml decoction of walnut peel with two spoons honey 3-4 times a day because it makes menstrual excretion normal.
  • Boil 10 to 20 grams peels of walnut fruit with one liter water until it remains 1/8 part then put it down. After that, give this decoction to the patient twice a day to clean the stomach.

21. Spermatorrhoea: Grind fifty grams walnut kernels, forty grams date-palm and ten grams kernels of cotton-seed together then fry it with ghee and mix equal quantity of sugar-candy in this mixture. After that, take 25 grams this mixture regularly to get relief in spermatorrhoea. Keep attention that milk should not be drunk while taking this medicine. 

22. Disorders caused by Vatta: Grind 10-20 grams fresh kernels of walnut and coat it on the affected part as well as spray water on heat brick and wrap cloth on it and thereafter foment the affected part. Using this process provides relief in disorders caused by vatta. Take walnut kernels in the condition of rheumatism to purify the blood and to get relief in rheumatism according to rule.

23. Swelling:

  • Mix 10 to 40 ml walnuts oil with 250 ml cow urine and make the patient drink. It provides relief in swelling.
  • Grind 10-20 grams walnut kernels with vinegar and coat it on the affected part, it provides relief in swelling caused by vatta.

24. Tonic for old-age people: The old-age person should take ten grams walnut kernels with ten grams dried grapes in the morning regularly because it increases body strength.

25. Ringworm: Chew 5 to 10 grams walnut kernels stale mouth in morning and coat it on the affected part, it cures ringworm within some days.

26. Sinus: Grind fine ten grams walnut kernels and melt it with sesame oil or wax. Sinus is cured by coating it on the affected part.

27. Sore: One should wash the affected part with a decoction of walnut peel because it provides relief.

28. Geuniaworms:

  • Grind fine walnuts bark with water and heat it on fire. Coat it on the affected part and tie bandage on it and thereafter foment the affected part. It brings out geuniaworms within 10-15 days after melting.
  • Grind walnut bark with water and heat it. After that, apply this preparation on the affected part to get relief in this disease.

29. Opium poison: Eat 20-30 walnuts kernels to alleviate opium poison and disorders of marking nut.

30. Constipation: Boil walnut peel with water and give it to the patient to drink, it provides relief in constipation.

31. Loose-motion:

  • Mix ground walnut with water and coat it on the navel, it ends stomach spasm and loose-motions.
  • Grind walnut peels with water and coat it on the navel. It provides quick relief in stomach spasm and loose-motions.

32. Bloody piles: Mix 36 grams tinospora with ash of walnut peels and give it to the patient twice a day regularly, it cures bloody piles.

33. Body weakness: Walnut kernel is nutritive. The body weakness ends by taking walnut kernel.

34. Paralysis: Drip walnuts oil in both the nostrils in the morning regularly to cure paralysis.

35. Menses disorders (Amenorrhoea): Boil walnuts peel, radish seeds, carrot seeds, barbering, pudding pipe and Kelwar pulp six grams each with two liters water mix 250 grams jaggery in it. When this preparation remains 500 ml, filter it after put down. After that, give 50 ml this medicine to the woman twice a day before one week of menstrual excretion regularly to make menstrual excretion normal.

36. Swelling and Pain: If someone suffers from swelling caused by hurt due to any reason, coat ground bark of walnut tree on the affected parts to reduce swelling.

37. Stomach worms of children: Suffered child should take walnut with hot milk because it destroys stomach worms and provides relief in stomachache.

38. Rheumatism:

  • Grind five grams walnut kernels and five grams ground dry ginger with one spoon castor oil. After that, take this mixture with lukewarm water to end knee pain.
  • To end pain, walnuts oil should be applied on the affected part.

39. Heart weakness: Eating walnut is useful to keep the heart healthy. By eating one walnut regularly heart diseases become less till fifty percent. It helps to control the quantity of harmful cholesterol, which is harmful for the heart arteries. Because of walnut effect, the digestive system, which digests the fat, reduces harmful cholesterol from the body. Although no any change appear in the quantities of greases in blood. Walnut does not increase patient weight despite being excessive calorific. It increases body energy too.

40. Achrodynia (Hands and feet distortion): Rub this walnuts oil on the hand and feet to cure achrodynia.

41. Hysteria: One should eat walnut and dried grapes after that drink warm milk of cow, it provides relief in hysteria.

42. Layer of erysipelas pimples: If one is suffering from more pimples, he should eat four walnuts regularly one year. It provides relief in this disease.

43. Blood disorders caused vatta: Give walnuts kernels to the patient to get relief in cracked the skin caused by blood disorders.

44. Cracked Lips: Eat walnut kernels regularly to get relief in cracked lips and skin.

45. White spot: Eat walnut regularly to increase brain memory consequently; white spot does not occur again.

46. Memory weakness: It is considered that any part of the body is lik the shape; taking the same shape of fruit is useful to make the body strong. Walnut fruit is suitable for our brain because both have same shape (brain and walnut). Thus, eating walnut increases the memory power.

47. Scrofula: Give a decoction of walnut leaves to the patient and wash the scrofula with this decoction. It provides relief in scrofula.

48. Nerves inflammation: Grind walnuts bark and coat it on affected part; it ends swelling, inflammation and nerves pain.

49. Body swelling: Coat ground bark of walnut tree on the affected part swelling parts to end the body swelling.