Thin, slender, flexible and affectedly gait of woman doubles her beauty. But, the beauty of a woman who has fat waist or hanging skin on the waist disappears. Hence, a woman should try to maintain the beauty of her waist with the help of regular exercise, massage and balanced diet. If waist is fat, you will feel great difficulty in walking, standing and sitting or climbing stairs. A person suffers from lots of pressure on her feet and backache.        


  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Include green leafy vegetable in the meal on large scale.
  • Drink one glass lukewarm water by mixing one lemon juice in the morning after getting up. Drink this lemon juice mixed lukewarm water for one month regularly. The waist will become beautiful and graceful.
  • Going for urination just after having meal makes the waist beautiful.
  • Stand on floor by stretching your legs along with stretched hands.  Palms should be kept towards below. Now, touch to the left toe with right hand by bending downwardly and return in previous condition. Now, touch to the right toe with left hand. Do so ten times regularly.  
  • Keep your both hands on the waist and bend towards left side by bending neck slowly. Do so by right side too. Do so ten times.
  • Stand by closing your both feet. Thereafter, close your both hands and bring them upwardly. First bend left side and then right side. Do so 15 times in a time. Knees should not be folded while doing so.