Vipust-Our Aim

Vipust is an herbal diet to make you strongOur Aim has been providing huge information about different kinds of therapies, herbs, medicines and all the diseases for many years free of cost to the people of all class through internet. Several naturopathy centers will be established on different places in India in near future where irremediable patients will be treated. Here, abode, food, treatment and health related information will be provided to the patients free of cost. has prepared an herbal product named Vipust. Shaving the body from several diseases caused by vata, pitta, kapha is the aim for preparing this product. This product strengthens all seven kinds of Dhatus and cures six kinds of spermatorrhea (sexual disease). Thus, Vipust makes a person healthy.


This product has been prepared by the founder and the collaborators of Its retail price has been decided Rs.2000/kg but it will be provided free of cost to the helpless and incurable patients. Total income gained by the sale of this product will be spent over health and education for the welfare of society.