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(A Herbal Diet)

Vipust is an herbal diet that strengthens all the seven body elements (Dhatus). It makes the body healthy and vigorousVipust is an herbal diet that strengthens all the seven body elements (Dhatus). It makes the body healthy and vigorous. It eliminates all the disorders related to spermatorrhea and keeps a person far from sex problems. It balances vata-pitta-kapha and enhances resistance power of the body. Both healthy and diseased men and women of all age group can take it. It is beneficial in all the diseases.

Rules and abstinence:

Vipust should be taken on empty stomach in the morning. It should be immersed in the normal water for 15-30 minutes (Maximum 6 hours) before using in summer season. Thereafter, shake it by spoon properly and take sip by sip. Do not take anything for 15-30 minutes before and after using Vipust. The person, who takes it daily, must drink 3 to 5 liters water. If a person does not take water, digestive system has to work hard to digest vipust. Vipust can also be taken if you are taking any medicine. There is no need to stop your medicine. 

Note- In winter season, Vipust should be taken by immersing it in boiled water. Take it in lukewarm condition in winter and cold related diseases (hoarseness, cough and catarrh). It should not be boiled in water because its nutritive elements may disappear. Its wholesomeness gets increased by keeping in sunlight. It will be provided free of cost to the helpless and incurable patients. Total income gained by the sale of this product will be spent over the treatment, health education, meal, and abode of incurable patients of each class.


Vipust can be taken in the quantity of 10 grams in the beginning and thereafter its quantity can be increased upto 30 grams gradually according to digestion power. Note: Immerse one and half spoon to two spoons vipust in a glass of water and take it on empty stomach in the  morning or after one hour of having meal at night. Vipust -2000 Rs per kg.

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Several naturopathy centers will be established on different places in India in near future where incurable patients will be treated. Here, health education and facility of meal, and abode will be provided to the patients free of cost of each class.