Vipera medicine acts good on the kidneys. This medicine is used to end liver problems, back bone inflammation, throat burning sensation and swelling with burning sensation of child.

Useful in various symptoms:

Face-related symptoms:

         Vipera is the great remedy to end excessive swelling of face and difficulty in speaking caused by dilating tongue from outside of mouth due to blackness and dryness of tongue after swelling.  

Liver-related symptoms:

         Vipera drug should be taken in the cases of intensive pain of liver with jaundice and fever, this pain increases to the shoulder and buttocks. It cures jaundice and fever, and also gets rid of liver pain. 

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

         The patient has to sit with put hands and feet up because if patient keeps them in hanging condition, he feels intensive pain in hands and feet, nerves swelling with severe pain caused by touching them and intensive pain with stiffness in below parts of the body. Giving vipera medicine to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Skin-related symptoms:

         Vipera medicine is used in the cases of big and blue flecks of skin and painful abscess of lymph clots like they are about to burst. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.


         Vipera medicine can be compared with Eel Serum and Peliyam-Beras medicines.


         Give 3 to 12 potencies of vipera medicine to the suffered patient to make patient healthy within few days.