Viola tricolor

Viola Tricolor


         Specially, Viola Tricolor medicine affects on the skin. The child suffers from abscess and pimples on head which contain yellow pus. Use this medicine for the treatment of such patient. 

Useful in various symptoms:  

Head-related symptoms:

         Viola Tricolor is used in the cases of skull abscess with glands swelling, excessive sweating and face warmth after taking food, headache that pressures towards outside and feeling head heaviness. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:

         Viola Tricolor should be taken to end the problems of difficulty in swallowing anything and excessive phlegm from throat which has to through out by coughing.

Urine-related symptoms:

         Viola Tricolor is the great remedy to ends the problems of excessive urination, which contains foul smell with weakness. If the child who suffers from bed wetting, we should give Viola Tricolor drug to it for treatment. It ends the habit of bed wetting.

Symptoms related to men diseases:

         Viola Tricolor medicine is used to end the swelling of penis skin, itching with burning sensation of penis mouth and incontinence sperm ejaculation during bowl movement.

Skin-related symptoms:

         Viola Tricolor drug should be taken to end the problems of intensive itching on the skin, boils and pimples of face and head, burning sensation with itching on the skin at night, severe inflammation of skin with discharging pus, skin problems caused by spermathorrhoea and thick coats of the skin which burst after sometime with discharging yellow and adhesive pus from bursted coats.


         These symptoms aggravate about 11 O’clock at noon in the winter season.


         Viola Tricolor medicine can be compared with Rhus, calcarea and Sepia medicines.


         Giving lower potency of viola tricolor medicine to the suffered patient provides quick relief.