Viola odorata




       Viola odorata is considered very useful remedy to cure all the diseases of ear. If any snake or bee bites someone, this medicine is used to prevent poison spreading.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

         Viola Odorata is an excellent remedy in the cases of forehead inflammation, head heaviness, feeling weakness in behind muscle of neck, pain in upper side of eyebrows, shivering in temples and below portion of the eyes, pain across the forehead, fits like hysteria of T.B. patient and feeling like all things are moving in the head caused by moving head. The patient suffers from skull stretchiness by that has to compel for shrinking his eyebrows. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Mind-related symptoms:

         The patient suffers from memory weakness. If someone tells him something, after sometimes patient forgets all about the matter. Patient thinks whatever he says that is right and whatever he is doing is right everything else is wrong. These symptoms can be ended by taking Viola Odorata medicine. 

Eye-related symptoms:

         Viola Odorata medicine should be taken in the cases of eyelids heaviness, illusion of seeming strange things in front of the eyes, seeming crooked-ram circles as fire, inability to watch clearly nearest thing and seeming fire flames in front of the eyes all the time. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Ear-related symptoms:

       Viola Odorata is used in the cases of otorrhoea, intensive pain of ears like gun shoot, problems caused by hearing song, feeling loud roaring sound with tickling in the ears, pain in blow portion of the ears like pricking needle and ear diseases with eyeballs pain.

Respiratory system-related symptoms:

          Viola odorata drug can be used in the cases of nose numbness as if someone hit on nose with a weighty thing, scanty cough, difficulty during inhaling caused by scanty cough which aggravates in the day, pressure on chest, whopping cough with hoarseness, difficult inhaling during pregnancy and hysteria with difficult breathing, restlessness and disorders of heartbeat. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

       Viola Oorata is the great remedy in the cases of trembling hand and feet, pain in joints of shoulder muscle (Trikon-peshi) and pain with pressure in bone joints of fingers and palms. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Urine-related symptoms:

       Viola Odorata drug should be used to end the problems of incontinence urination, white urine which contains intensive foul smell and bed wetting of the child who suffers from neural diseases.  

Removing bad effects:

           Camphor medicine is used to remove all the bad effects of viola odorata medicine.


       These symptoms aggravate by listening song, during sleep at night, to the left side, in chilled air and in rainy season. 


       These symptoms are ameliorated in the hot weather.


       Viola Odorata medicine can be compared with aurum, chloral, PulsatillaBelladonna and Ignatia medicines.


       1 to 6 potencies of Viola Odorata medicine should be given to the suffered patient. It provides quick relief.