Vinka minor




         Vinka Minor medicine is used for curing the skin diseases like- eczema of head. Besides it, this medicine is also used for curing diphtheria and bleeding.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

         Vinka Minor is the great remedy in the cases of intensive pain in upper portion of head with whistling sound in the ears, head roaming with feeling sparking in front of the eyes, tuberculosis of head skin, head boil and bleeding from head boils by that patient hair is entangled. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Nose-related symptoms:

         The patient suffers from internal wound of the nose, nose redness suddenly and feeling chocked one nostril. Upper lip and nose extreme appears very oily. Giving Vinka Minor drug to the suffered patient ends above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:

         Vinka Minor drug should be taken to end the problems of diphtheria and difficulty in swallowing during eating or drinking caused by throat wound. The patient has to cough again and again. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptom.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

         Vinka Minor drug is used to end the problems of weakness caused by menorrhagia during menses, constantly and excessive bleeding at the time of ending menstrual excretion, bleeding from pimples which contain pus and discharge of inactive blood from uterus.

Skin-related symptoms:

         Vinka Minor is an excellent remedy to end the problems of abscess of face and head, scratched skin caused by intensive itching, and redness and injury on the skin due to some scratch caused by skin softness. 


         Vinka Minor medicine can be compared with Olean and Staphysagria medicines.


         Give 1 to 3 potencies of Vinka Minor medicine to the suffered patient to get quick relief.