Vicoa Auriculata



Name in different languages:

Hindi               -              Sonasli, Sonasri, Sonal

Rajasthani       -              Sonasli, Sonasri

Gujrati             -              Sonasli, Sonasri, Sonal

Porbandar       -              Sonasli, Sonasri, Sonal

Marathi           -               Sonaki

Latin               -               Vicoa auriculata


        Grind the root of vicoa auriculata plant with water and apply it on swollen part caused by poisonous insect’s biting. Its panchang is given to the victim of rheumatism, fever, indigestion, sour belching and fits. If an animal has been suffering from flatulence, bushes of vicoa auriculata with the leaves of Indian goose beery are given to animals. It is good remedy in increasing the quantity of urine.