Viburnum opulus




          Although, Viburnum Opulus medicine is used to cure many types of disease but it is an excellent remedy to end genecology symptoms. 

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head-related symptoms:

          Viburnum Opulus drug is used in the cases of intensive irritation caused by headache, severe pain of temple and feeling like he is falling towards front caused by moving head. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Eye-related symptoms:

       Viburnum Opulus medicine should be used in the cases of glaucoma, intensive pain of eyes and feeling heaviness of eyes and eyeballs. It provides complete relief from above symptoms.   

Stomach-related symptoms:

          Viburnum Opulus drug can be used for the treatment of such type patient like he feels vomiting again and again that stops by taking meal, does not feel appetite.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

          Viburnum Opulus is used in the cases of delayed menstrual excretion, offensive and scanty menses, menstrual excretion for some hours, pain which reaches to downwards via thighs, pain of back bone and Vitap area, pain in front of muscle of thigh, feeling unconsciousness during menses, disorders of menstrual excretion, feeling pressure towards below parts before menses, scratched skin caused by intensive leucorrhoea, stinging pain with itching of genitalia, pain of buttocks and uterus that aggravates in the morning, unconsciousness caused by sitting suddenly after standing, frequent abortions by that woman feels that she is pregnant and feeling ovary heaviness like lots of blood has blocked in the ovary. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Urine-related symptoms:

         Viburnum opulus should be taken to end the problems of frequent and fast urinating, incontinence urination during walking or coughing and excessive, dilute and light colour urine. 

Abdomen-related symptoms:

          Viburnum Opulus is the great remedy in the cases of pain with stomach twist suddenly and pain nearby navel. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

          Viburnum Opulus drug is used in the case of pain in below portion of the body, weakness and heaviness of below parts, stiffness in behind portion of the neck and intensive pain with feeling like his back will break. It provides complete relief in above symptoms. 


          These symptoms aggravate by lying on side of suffered part, in the hot room, at the night and in the evening.


          These symptoms are ameliorated by taking rest and in the open air.


       Viburnum Opulus medicine can be compared with Viburnum prunifoliuam, Cimi, Caulophyllum, Sepia and Xanthoxylum medicines.


          Give mother tincture and lower potency of Viburnum Opulus medicine to the suffered patient to get complete relief.