Vespa crabro




        Vespa Crabro medicine is very useful to end many types of symptom but in homeopathic treatment, this medicine affects good on the skin and genitalia of the woman. Vespa crabro is an excellent remedy for cuing skin numbness, unconsciousness, retching, coolness which increases from feet to upwards after vomiting and swelling of arms nodes. It also ends pain that occurs in upper side of arms.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Face-related symptoms:

        Vespa Crabro drug is used in the cases of face swelling with pain, eyelids inflammation like poisony boils and pimples, face inflammation with swelling and swelling of throat and face with pain. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:

        Vespa Crabro is the great remedy to end itching and inflammation of ureter during urination.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

        Vespa Crabro drug should be taken in the cases of intensive pain before the menstrual excretion, intensive inflammation with itching of vagina during urination, ulcers around the mouth of uterus, injury of left ovary and pain in below portion of the back bone which reaches to the back. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:

        Vespa Crabro is an excellent remedy to end the problems of itching with severe burning sensation of skin, stinging-ache of skin, flecks and spots of skin, skin swelling, and red inflammation with swelling of the skin which increase rapidly and small red blisters on the skin which are cured by washing with Sircaml.  

Removing bad effects:

        Sempervivum tectorum medicine is used to remove all the bad effects of Vespa Crabro medicine. 


        These symptoms aggravate by lying on the side.


        These symptoms are ameliorated by lying on the back. 


        Vespa Crabro medicine can be compared with Scorpio and Apis medicines.


        Give 3 to 30 potencies of Vespa Crabro drug to the suffered patient to get benefit relief.