Useful in different diseases:

1. Ribs pain: Mix honey with sindur and apply it on the cloth to make a bandage. Tie this bandage on the pain affected part and foment to this affected area too. Its use gets rid of ribs’ pain.

2. Malaria: Give approx ¼ gram shila sindur in 10 ml juice of basil leaves to the patient before the attack of fever. A person does not suffer from fever by doing this. Giving above remedy at the intervals of every 2 hour abates malaria.

3. Vomiting and retching of a pregnant woman: Make fine powder by grinding about ¼ gram sindur, trikuta powder, coriander and cumin seed together. After that, give approx 3 grams powder mixing with honey to the pregnant woman 3-4 times a day. It stops vomiting and retching.

4. Fistula: Take approx ¼ gram ras sindur with 1 gram ground triphala and one gram babreng twice a day to get rid of fistula.

5. Contraction of the vagina: Keep one gram pure vermillion into the vagina if it is tight or narrow. Its use increases the size of the vagina.

6. Sinus: Mix vermillion in camphor juice and apply it on the sinus. Its use gets rid of a person from this disease.