Verbascum medicine is very useful for curing ear diseases, problems of respiratory-pipe and symptoms of urinary bladder problems. 

Useful in various symptoms:  

Head-related symptoms:

            Verbascum is an excellent remedy in the cases of pricking pain of the right temple during eating food, pain in below and upper nerves of eyelids and feeling like someone is pressing tightly his both the temples caused by intensive migraine. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

            Verbascum drug should be taken in the cases of thumbs numbness, pain of left ankle like neural pain, pain along with stiffness in joints of rear parts of the body, gripping with pain of soles, left foot and knee and feeling heaviness in lower organs of the body. It provides complete relief in above symptoms.

Urine-related symptoms:

            Verbascum medicine is used to end the problems of bed wetting, ureter inflammation during urination, strangury all the time, diabetes mellitus and pressure of urinary bladder.

Breath-related symptoms:

            Verbascum drug is very beneficial to cure intensive cough while sleeping at the night, hoarseness and throat problems caused by ulcer inside portion of the throat.

Rectum-related symptoms:

            Verbascum is the great remedy for the treatment of such patient who goes to discharge stool repeatedly and along with feels gripping around the navel. The patient who suffers from piles feels burning sensation and pain and along with stool is hard that discharged obstructing. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Abdomen-related symptoms:

            Verbascum medicine should be used in the case of intensive pain of stomach that increases in deep by that contractive muscle of anus is contracted. It provides quick relief from stomach pain.

Ear-related symptoms:

            Verbascum drug is used in the cases of ears pain with feeling chocked ear, lack of hearing power and coats of ear pipe after drying. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.


            These symptoms aggravate by talking, changing weather daily, sneezing, cutting something with teeth and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


            Verbascum medicine can be compared with Nux-Vomica, Platina and Stan medicines. 


            Give mother tincture or lower potency of Verbascum medicine to the suffered patient to get quick relief.


          5 drops of Verbascum medicine should be given to the patient who suffers from bed wetting twice a day. It provides complete relief.