Veratrum viride




          Veratrum Viride medicine is very useful for both high and low blood pressure. It reduces high blood pressure.  Besides it, this medicine is also used in the case of difficult inhaling caused by intensive fever during pneumonia.

Useful in various symptoms:  

Tongue-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride is the great remedy to end the problems of white or yellow coats of the tongue, red lines in middle of below portion of tongue, coming out excessive saliva from mouth and feeling tongue burnt. 

Stomach-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride drug should be used in the cases of feeling over thirst in spite of drinking water, vomiting caused by taking much quantity of eatable and beverage products, constantly hiccup, stomach inflammation, burning sensation of pharynx and feeling of stomach contraction which increases by drinking hot beverages. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Respiratory system- related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride medicine is used in the cases of difficulty in inhaling, blocked blood of the lungs, larynx inflammation, occurring lungs ulcer with feeling excessive blocked blood and numbness of the stomach and feeling like weight is put on the chest. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride drug should be taken in the cases of severe hardness of uterus, fever of pregnant woman, scanty menstrual excretion with blocked blood of head, pain before beginning the menses and burning sensation during urination. It provides complete relief in above symptoms.

Urine-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride medicine can be used in the cases of scanty urination and dirty urination such as sediments. It ends above problems quickly.

Heart-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride is an excellent remedy in the cases of slow pulsation of pulse, pulse weakness, disorders of pulse, constantly pain along with burning sensation slowly in the heart and nerves trembling of the whole body especially in right thigh. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

          Veratrum Viride drug is used in the cases of shoulders pain, pain in rear portion of the neck, intensive pain of body joints and muscles, fast electricity shock in all the parts of the body and intensive arthritis fever. This medicine provides complete relief in above symptoms.     

Fever-related symptoms:

          Veratrum Viride medicine should be taken for curing fever that aggravates in the evening and is ameliorated in the morning, and fever occurs with too much changes of body temperature. 

Removing bad effects:

          Strychninum medicine is used to remove all the bad effects of Veratrum Viride medicine.


          These symptoms aggravate by standing up suddenly, movement, in winter, lying on the back, in sunshine, in hue and cry, awaking, in the evening and blocked menstrual excretion.


          These symptoms are ameliorated by rubbing, lying with keeping head to downwards, in heat and drinking heavy coffee


          Veratrum Viride medicine can be compared with Gelsemium, Beptisia, Belladonna, acontum and Fer-P medicines.


          1st to 6th potencies of veratrum Viride medicine should be given to the patient.