Veratrum album




         Specially, Veratrum Album medicine is used in the symptom of sweating on the forehead. This medicine should be used immediately in the case of cool sweating on the forehead caused by any diseases like- cholera, pneumonia, asthma, typhoid, fever, constipation, etc. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:

        The patient feels his life is waste and there is no benefit to live. He always sits alone and suffers from frustration. The patient abuses to the other on a small matter and keeps on telling their mistakes to the others. He suffers from delirium and keeps on talking on obscene matter in front of others. The patient tries to run to kill others. For the treatment of such patient, give Veratrum Album drug.

Head-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album is used in the cases of face sadness caused by headache, sweating on the forehead, intensive headache with retching, vomiting, loose motions, and excessive weakness of neck due to headache by that patient can not keep head up straight and feeling like any ice piece is put on the head. It provides quick relief from above symptoms and makes patient healthy within some days.

Eye-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album should be used to end the problems of coming out tears from the eyes all the time, eyes redness, eyelids heaviness after drying and black circles around the eyes and the patient is not able to see any things clearly. This medicine provides relief from above symptoms.  

Face-related symptoms:

         Patient face is pressed down inside and he feels that ice is put on the extreme nose. The patient suffers from intensive pain of cheeks, temples and eyes. He feels coolness, sadness and blue face. Patient nose becomes very sharp. In this condition, give Veratrum Album drug to the suffered patient to get benefit. 

Stomach-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album should be used to end the problems of depraved hunger, bitter belching all the day, frequent hiccup, desire of eating juicy fruits, beverages and salt, stomach restlessness and feeling excessive body weakness after vomiting. The patient wants to drink cold water but he suffers from vomiting after drinking cold water. He does not feel appetite after watching hot food products. Giving veratrum album medicine to the suffered patient provides quick relief. 

Abdomen-related symptoms:

         When the patient goes for excretion, pain starts on occurring in his stomach and he feels empty in the stomach completely and feels coolness in the stomach and abdomen. The patient suffers from tumours of stomach and feet by that patient feels that I am suffering from hernia. The patient also suffers from stomach swelling and intensive pain of the stomach. For the treatment of such patient, use Veratrum Album drug.

Stool-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album is the great remedy in the cases of loose motions with pain, excessive and diluet loose motions after that the patient feels excessive weakness, and excessive sweat comes out from the body. The patient suffers form loose motions with pain that is like thin and he feels excessive weakness. When the patient discharges stools, he feels pain also. The child suffers from constipation caused by cold in the winters.  Sometimes, the patient feels that his rectum has damaged and along with suffers from constipation, fever and headache. This medicine ends above symptoms. 

Breath-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album drug is used in the cases of hoarseness caused by throat problems, intensive rolling sound in the chest, excessive chocked phlegm in the respiratory pipe which does not come out after coughing, chronic swelling in respiratory-pipe of old person, intensive cough like any dog is barking, cough due to drink cold water, incontinence urination during cough, cough caused by entering into the hot room from chilled air of outside and belching of gas trouble which aggravates in the hot room. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album should be used to end problems of menorrhagia along with menstrual excretion before the time, dysmenorrhoea, loose motions, and cool sweating, unconsciousness caused by hard working and excessive sexual excitement before the menses. 

Mouth-related symptoms:

         The patient feels coolness and dilution of tongue like he has eaten peppermint. Middle portion of tongue is dried which can not be drenched with water too. Salty saliva keeps on coming out from patient mouth and he feels teeth heaviness caused by toothache like seesa named element filled in the tooth. These symptoms can be ended by taking Veratrum Album medicine.

Heart-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album is an excellent remedy in the cases of the disorders of heart pulsation with restlessness and fast breathing, nerves weakness with the disorders of nerves, heat problems of the person who takes tobacco and liver problems with difficult breathing of the person who suffers from weakness. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album drug should be taken to end the problems of blueness, coolness and stickiness of skin, excessive cool sweating and skin contraction of hands and feet.  

Fever-related symptoms:

         Veratrum Album drug can be used in the cases of feeling excessive coolness and over thirst. It ends coolness and quenches over thirst.

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

         Veratrum Album is the great remedy to end many symptoms like: any disease occurs in the joint that becomes so soft, after that when the patient touch this parts, feels pain. Sciatica pain also occurs. Patient arms become swell, cool and like paralysis. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.  


         Carb-V is the supplementary medicine of veratrum album medicine.


         These symptoms aggravate at the night and in chilled climate.


         These symptoms are ameliorated by heat and walking.


         Veratrum Album drug can be compared with Veratrinum, Colocynth Terepina, Camphora, cuprum, Arse, Cuprum arsenitum, Narsisas-Poatikas, Tryco-Senthis, Agar-E, Agar-P and Airatrin medicines.


         1st to 30th potencies of veratrum album medicine should be given to the patient.


         The patient who suffers from loose motions should not take less than 6th potency of veratrum album medicine.