Method of preparing Vaseline:

            Pour white Vaseline and wax into a small pot. Boil water in another big pot and when water starts to boil put small pot in big pot’s boiling water. Mention that big pots water does not fill in small pot. When white Vaseline and wax melt completely, shake well this mixture with a stick of wood properly. If the mixture returns in their previous stage, put it again in the boiling water. Drop lemon, rose and jasmine juice as you like. Fill this preparation in broad mouthed bottles for cooling. Apply this on the skin before going to bed. Vaseline should not be applied after bathing otherwise particle of dust will past upon the skin. Apply it on feet and fingers and rub it on the skin with soft hand. The skin will become soft and smooth without chilblains by doing so. 

1. Heal crackers and skin diseases:

  • Mix 5 drops lemon’s juice, 4 spoons Vaseline and 2 spoons boric powder properly. After that, apply this paste on the cracked heals to get relief.
  • Take 100 grams white Vaseline, 50 grams wax, 20 grams glycerin, two lemons’ filtered juice and fragrance you like. Mix all properly and apply.
  • Mix some drops of eucalyptus in hot water. Wash infected skin of the body. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  • During bathing cracked heals should be rubbed by a rough stone or nylon brush and apply Vaseline on them.

2. Knee pain: Grind neem peel and mix little wax or Vaseline in it. Rub this paste on the knees. Its use ends the pain of knees.