Various types of eyes diseases


Cause :

Many eye diseases occur due to irregular sleeping, day sleeping, night vigil, constant observation of remote things, bathing several times with cold water because of hot and sun, sitting near by fire constantly, weeping forever, preventing tears, reading excessive small letters and observation of minute things, long anxiety, smoke and dust into the eyes, excessive sex, prevention of stool and urine, hurt in the eyes or brain, traveling with fast driving and living in filthy areas.


There are several types of eye diseases so their symptoms are also different as weak eye sight, amblyopia, night blindness, eye redness, swelling, corneal opacity and turning eyelids hair towards eyes, purulent matter, eye pupil outgrowth, Mada, pterygium, eyelids hair fall, cataract, eyes itching, eyes oozing, lachrymatites, stye, etc.Jo log ye kah rahe h ki chahe cd online ho ya off line merit kisi bhi keemat par 109 tak gen ki nahi aayegi to aise logo ko mera open challenge h agar cd online hui aur farji vale bahar huye to merit agar 109 tak aa gayi to kya vo selected log apna selection cancel karva sakte h es bharti se .agar dum h to ye mera ye challenge accept kre - at Ram Mandir (Ram Janam Bhumi) Ayodhya.

Use of different drugs to cure diseases related to the eyes:-

1. Arum-met:- If the patient is suffering from pain around the eyes, Arum-met 6x (powder) or 200 should be used to cure such symptoms.

2. Arjentum-nit:- Use 3 potency of Arjentum-nit if the eyes have stuck or pus is discharging or the snake is hanging before the eyes, etc.

3. Ars-alba:- 3 potency of Ars-alba drug should be used if tears are coming out that generates burning sensation and the part of the cheek on which tears rolls became white. 

4. Aconite:- 3 potency of Aconite should be taken to cure blindness occurring suddenly without any reason.

5. Agaricus:- If the muscles of the eyelids are contracting, 3 potency of Agaricus should be used.

6. Allium-Cepa:- If the eyes are discharging more water and feeling grittiness in the eyes due to falling something in them, feeling cold, water is dripping from the nose, etc., 6 potency of Allium-Cepa should be used.

7. Asafetida:- Use of 3 or 6 potency of Asafetida is very effective if pain is moving around the external part of the eyes.

8. Eupat-Perf:- If the eyeballs are suffering from stiffness with coming water too and this type of symptoms are aggravated by coughing, etc., Eupat-Perf 3x should be used to cure disease.

9. Euphrasia:- If water is coming out from the eyes with burning sensation in them, the eyes have become red due to discharging additional water, the eyelids are stuck in the morning and if substance like phlegm is setting up on the retina, etc., 3 potency of Euphrasia drug should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

10. Ailanthus:- Use of 3 potency of Ailanthus is very beneficial in the condition of accumulation of blood in the eyes and in the swelling of the eyeballs.

11. Apis:- If the patient is suffering from swelling in the lower region of the eyes and the eyeballs have swollen, etc., using Ailanthus 6 is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.

12. Causticum:- If the eyelids fall down by it and the patient is unable to raise his eyelids, 6 potency of Causticum drug should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

13. Kali-carb:- 30 potency of Kali-carb should be used in the condition of swelling of the eyes and sticky secretion from the eyes.

14. Kali-sulph:- 6x potency of Kali-sulph should be taken in the condition coming pusy tears from the eyes.

15. Clematis:- If the eyes become dry, red and warm; pain with burning sensation in the central part of the eyes, pain is aggravated in cold or at night, water begins to roll down from the eyes, etc., 3 potency of Clematis should be used to cure such symptoms.

16. Crotalus:- Use of 3rd potency of Crotalus is very effective in the condition of bleeding from the eyes, becoming the eyes yellow.

17. Gelsemium:- If the patient is suffering from quivering of the eyes muscles or uncontrolled, vertigo and less vission, wideness of the eyeballs and neuralgic pain of the eyes, etc., Gelsemium should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.  

18. Natr-mur:- 12x (trituration) or 30 potency of Nat-mur should be used in the condition of teary eyes, water rolls down from the eyes and aggravates while coughing.

19. Pulsatilla:- If the eyes have become red, water is rolling down from the eyes in the vacant place or cold air and yellow secretion is discharging from the eyes, etc., 6 potency of Pulsatilla drug should be used to cure such symptoms. 

20. Prunus-spynosa:- Prunus-spynosa is the best drug to cure eyes pain. If there are no any wounds except pain found in the eyes, mother tincture of Prunus-spynosa drug should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

21. Platina:- If something is appearing (visible) small compared to its actual length or width, 6 potency of Platina drug should be used to cure such symptom.

22. Platenum:- If the patient is suffering from wounds, pimples on the eyelids, sty in the corner of eyelids, etc., to cure such symptom of the patient, 5 drops of the mother tincture of platinum drug should be mixed in 14 ml water and then the eyes should be washed with it. it cures cataract.   

23. Physostigma:- If the eyes crackle and feels pain that does not eliminate by the use of spectacles, 3 potency of Physostigma drug should be used to cure such symptoms.

24. Fluoric-acid:- If the patient is feeling as if the cold air is affecting the eyes, 6 potency of Fluoric-acid drug should be used.

25. Belladonna:- If the eyes are not able to tolerate even little light, they become red, feels pain like dripping something in it, effects of pain moves to the head, etc., 6 potency of Belladonna drug should be used to cure such symptoms.

26. Borax:- If small pimples appear on the eyelids, sticking of the eyelash, folding the eyelids inwards, feeling pain and itching in the corners of the eyes, etc., Borax 3x as powder should be used to cure such symptoms.

27. Rhus-tox:- If the patient is suffering from swelling of the eyes or the region around it, rolling down hot eyes drops, feeling heavy and stiff eyelids, swelling of the eyes due to excess wetting in the water or living in moist place, etc., use of 6 potency of Rhus-tox drug can provides benefit in such symptoms of the patient.

28. Ruta:- 3 potency of Ruta drug should be used to cure the patient if he is suffering from red eyes due to sewing, reading or those work by which, the eyes get pressurized, eyes pain, burning sensation in the eyes caused by reading in dim light, feeling like green circle before the eyes at night, headache due to reading or viewing something by giving pressure on the eyes, etc.

29. Staphysagria:- 6 potency of Staphysagria drug should be taken to cure hard glands (sty) appearing on the eyelids.

30. Stramonium:- If anything seems as double, small things visible big and all the things seem black. The patient suffering from such symptoms stares anything. The eyeball becomes wide, etc. Thus, the use of 3 potency of Stramonium drug is very effective to cure these types of symptoms.

31. Cicuta:- Cicuta should be used to cure a person who is suffering from wide eyeballs, becoming the eyes insensitive, looking obliquely, and letter visible high and low while reading or does not visible completely, etc.

32. Cina:- 3x or 200 potency of Cina drug should be used if the patient sees little by rubbing his eyes.

33. Sulphur:- If the patient is suffering from burning eyes and feels as if sand particles have entered in the eyes, pain is aggravate by washing, a veil before the eyes, pricking in the eyes like needle, etc. Thus, 30 potency of Sulphur drug should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

34. Cyclamen:- Use 3 potency of Cyclamen drug in the condition of visible smoke or fog before the eyes.

35. Sepia:- If the eyes seem heavy like hemiplegia, falling down the eyelids by itself, 12th potency of Sepia drug should be used to cure such symptoms.

36. Cimicifuga:- If the patient feels severe pain in the eyes constantly, 6 potency of Cimicifuga drug should be applied around them.

37. Silica:- 30 potency of Silica drug should be taken in the condition of swelling of the tears gland, vertigo by gazing in the light or sunlight, illusion, letters are stuck together while reading, cataract, appearing a small or big lump of flesh on the eyelids, etc.