Although, variolinum medicine is used for curing several diseases but especially it is used for curing small pox

Useful in various symptoms:  

Head-related symptoms:

          Variolinum is the great remedy in the cases of deafness with fear of chicken pox all the time, pain in rear portion of the skull and feeling eyelids inflammation. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Respiratory-related symptoms:

           Variolinum medicine can be used in the cases of feeling difficulty in inhaling like breath is stopping again and again, feeling chocked throat, coming out thick and sticky phlegm and blood with cough and feeling like any round thing has stuck in the right side of throat. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.  

Skin-related symptoms:

           Variolinum drug should be used for curing skin dryness, skin pimples and burning sensation of the skin.

Symptoms related to outer parts of the body:

           Variolinum medicine is used in the cases of feet pain, wrists pain, intensive pain of back which increases from back to stomach and feeling restlessness and tiredness in the whole body. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Fever-related symptoms:

         Variolinum is an excellent remedy to end the problems of fever with excessive coolness, screaming loudly caused by intensive fever, excessive offensive sweating from the body during fever and feeling like someone is dropping chilled water on the back.


           These symptoms aggravate by any movement of the body or in the night.


           These symptoms are ameliorated by taking rest.


           Variolinum medicine can be compared with Vaccininum and Malandrinum medicines.


           One should take 6 to 30 potencies of variolinum medicine. It makes one healthy within some days.