Valeriana medicine is considered very useful for curing hysteria and neural diseases. 

Useful in various symptoms:  

Mind-related symptoms:

        The patient’s behavior is changed suddenly like he is laughing now but after just a few seconds he will start weeping. The patient feels as light to himself as is flying in the air. The patient feels strange illusion at night as if someone is staring to him or walking in the room. The patient suffers from intensive irritation and trembling of the entire body. He does not talk to the other with manners too. Give valeriana medicine to the suffered patient to end above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:

         Valeriana is the great remedy to end the problems of retching, feeling pharynx contraction and feeling as if any yarn has been stopped in the throat.

Stomach-related symptoms:

         Valeriana is used to end many symptoms like the patient keeps on feeling hunger after taking excessive food and along with nauseate occurs. It ends occurring sour belching all the day. If the patient feels that mouth taste is greasy during walking in the morning or if the child throws breast milk out in form of vomiting after drinking breast milk, use this medicine to end these symptoms. 

Stomach-related symptoms:

         Valeriana should be taken in the cases of flatulence, stomach twist caused by gas trouble, intestines pain after taking meal at night, diluet loose motions and clots of frozen milk from mouth. The child screams loudly. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Gynecology-related symptoms:

         Valeriana drug can be used to end the problems of delayed and scanty menstrual excretion.

Symptoms related to breathing:

       Valeriana is an excellent remedy to end theses problems like the patient feels suffocation suddenly after sleeping, asthma attack occurs suddenly and the disorders of diaphragm.

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

        Valeriana drug is used in the cases of rheumatism pain and jerk of the body parts, sciatica pain which aggravates by standing and putting feet on the earth and are ameliorated by walking, and heel pain caused by sitting for a long time. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Sleep-related symptoms:

         Valeriana medicine should be taken to end these symptoms like the patient does not take good sleep at night and along with suffers from intensive itching and trembling in the muscles which aggravates after awaking. It also makes the patient healthy within a short time. 

Fever-related symptoms:

        Valeriana is the great remedy for curing chronic fever, fever with sweating from the face and feeling body coolness like ice.

Removing bad effects:

         Chamomilla medicine is used to remove all the bad effects of valeriana medicine.


         These symptoms aggravate by standing or sitting for some time and in the morning or evening.


         These symptoms are ameliorated by keep walking or moving.


         Valeriana medicine can be compared with Asaf, Asar, Croc, Ignatia,  Lac-c, Spigelia, Sulf, Causticum, Ledum, Madre and Phytolacca medicines. 


         Mother tincture of valeriana medicine should be given to the patient. It makes patient healthy within few days.