VAGINAL IRRIGATION (Cleansing to the vagina)


(Cleansing to the vagina)


        This activity in which vagina is cleaned by water is called vaginal douche. In this activity, the water is supplied into the vagina without any pressure and vagina is cleaned. Nozzle (which is available in the market) is used for this activity. This nozzle is applied in a rubber box and then it is hanged on a wall by which water reaches into the vagina itself. Water temperature is warm or neutral (normal or cold).

Cleaning of vagina or technique of giving vaginal douche-

        In this activity, woman is made lie down on the back first. Thereafter, raise her hips a little high and put a pot under her hips. Keep one thing in the brain that nozzle should be downwards the uterus by which water may move properly in the vagina and all the internal parts may affect by warmness of water.

        This activity not only provides benefits to the mucus membrane of the vagina but also it affects the blood circulation in the parts of pelvic region.

        Water of different types of temperature are used in this activity. The vagina is cleaned like before in it. But, water of different types of temperature is used in different types of diseases.

Cleaning vagina with cold water-

        This activity is much beneficial in case of menorrhagia or inflammation in reproductive organs. The uterus is cleaned with cold water for 10-15 minutes in this activity. It purifies the uterus and provides relief in vaginal itching, which occurs due to the infection in urine pipe.

Cleaning vagina with neutral water-

        Giving stream of water in the vagina by neutral water is beneficial in diabetes and leucorrhoea. Inflammation and itching in the uterus and vagina are cured by it. If this activity of cleaning vagina is done along with warm hipbath, it makes the menses normal.

Cleaning vagina with warm water-

        If the vagina is cleaned by warm water of 40 degree Celsius, the patient gets relief in selfinjitis, cellulites, chronic metritis, oferitis, endometritis etc. It makes the blood circulation normal. If the woman has been suffering from pain at the time of delivery, the vagina should be cleaned with warm water because it provides help in spreading the cervix of uterus. If the vagina is cleansed by using cold and then with warm water, all parts of pelvic region become active.


        Vagina should not be cleaned with warm water during pregnancy because it may be the cause of abortion.