Vaccininum is considered very useful remedy for curing the diseases caused by circulating poison in the body. This medicine is prepared from venom of chicken pox. It cures diseases completely. Vaccininum is an excellent remedy for curing chicken pox.   

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:

           Vaccininum drug should be used in the cases of excessive irritation and restlessness all the time. The patient does not talk to others with manner. It ends above symptoms quickly. 

Head-related symptoms:

       Vaccininum medicine can be used in the cases of eyes redness, eyelids redness and headache like his forehead, and the patient feels that my eyes are about to explode. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:

           Vaccininum is the great remedy to end the symptoms of skin dryness, skin pimples, skin spots, blisters of the whole body like chicken pox and feeling skin warmth.

Removing bad effects:

           Camphora and Coff medicine are used to remove all the bad effects of Vaccininum medicine.


           Vaccininum medicine can be compared with Veriyolinam melandrenam medicine.


           6 to 200 potency of Vaccininum medicine should be given to the patient. It makes patient healthy within short time.