Uterine Displacements



          Uterus of a woman displaces from its real place due to this disease because of which the woman suffers from restlessness and ache in the lower portion of the back and stomach. She feels that her uterus is sleeping down. She faces profuse bleeding while menses, scanty excretion from the vagina, anuria and dysuria and difficulty while making sexual relation because of this disease.    

Causes of this disease:

  • Uterus displaces if a woman eats more than the appetite.
  • Constipation and gastric problem may be the cause of displaced uterus.
  • Wearing tight clothes by the woman may be the cause of this problem. 
  • Sometimes, uterus displaces from its real place because of the weakness of stomach muscles and no exercise or by doing hard exercise.
  • A woman can become the victim of this disease if precautions are neglected at the time of delivery.

Natural treatment of this problem:

  • The woman, victim of this disease, should keep fast for 4-5 days only by drinking the juice of fruits. Thereafter, she should take cooked balanced diet.
  • She should not take salt, spices, fried and sweet foodstuffs.
  • Mud pack should be applied on the stomach if a woman has been suffering from this problem. Thereafter, enema should be adopted. After that, the woman take should waist bath with hot water. Mix salt in a tub and the victim should sit in the tub for 15-20 minutes. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • She should take rest by keeping her feet on one foot high place. The woman should breathe in a normal way. The disease disappears soon by doing so.