Ushtra Asana



          This asana is done by two techniques. The practice of this asana is helpful in several diseases and this asana has been considered an important asana in yoga.

First technique:

          The practice of this asana should be done on clean, calm and airy environment. Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and stand on the knees viz bend both the legs from the knees and bring them backwardly and stand on the knees. Now join the knees, heels and tiptoes altogether. Bend your body backwardly in a slow motion by inhaling and try to hold your heels by both hands. Keep the chin up and neck in stretched position and keep both the hands straight too. Stay in this position from 30 seconds to one minute while taking breath normally and return in normal position. After that, take rest for 2 minutes and repeat again. In the same way, do this activity 3 times.

Second technique:

          Sit on the knees like before for the practice of this asana and join the heels and knees. Now bend your body backwardly in slow motion while inhaling and put hands on the floor a little forward from the tiptoes and keep the body straight and stretched. Breathing activity should be kept normal after coming in the position and stay in this position from half to one minute. Repeat it 3 times. 

Special note:

          Second technique is easy than the first, so if someone feels difficulty in the practice of first technique, he should do the practice of asana with second technique first. Thereafter, do the practice of first technique.


          The practice of this asana makes the spinal cord flexible and increases vital power because of which a person remains young for a long time. This asana is useful in the treatment of lungs disorder, stomach diseases, waist pain and backache. It makes the chest broad and arms and legs strong. It is also useful in making reproductive organs active and reduces stomach fat. It reduces obesity (fatness) and makes the body strong and beautiful. This asana is also useful in many types of women disorders. It reduces the fat gathered near about neck and makes thin and beautiful. This asana increases working activity of the throat, pharynx and lungs. It keeps a person far from throat diseases and breathing problems.