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[ U ] Related Medicines:

Names:  Khas, Lamjjak, Mragalu, Kammu, Sugandhi mool, Daha haran, Haripriya, Veeran, Bahululak, etc. are its other name.

Qualities: Ushir is sweet, bitter, light and cold. It is digestive and enhances sperm count.

kapha: Ushir ends bile, bleeding, poison, inflammation and dysuria. The wounds recover by using it. It is the root of Sacchrum Munja.

Use in different diseases

1. Loose motions in fever: Prepare decoction by taking Ushir root, country mallow, nut grass, lodh mixture and bel fruit’s pulp each in equal quantity. Drink 14-28 ml this mixture twice a day. Its use cures diarrhea due to fever.

2. Quatrain fever: Prepare decoction by boiling Ushir and mushtak root, hogweed, sandal wood, tinospora each in equal quantity. Take 14-28 ml this decoction thrice a day.

3. Sperm with urine: Take 4 spoons Ushir aasav (Ushir aasav) with water twice a day after meal. It stops sperm with urine.