Introduction :

          Having complete knowledge about ushapan is necessary before adopting it. A copper pot is needed for it. The reason behind using cooper pot is that it purifies the water which is filled in it within 12 hours so that this pot is necessary for the adoption of ushapan. Fill fresh water with 3-4 leaves of basil in copper pot for whole night. The water becomes powerful very much by mixing basil leaves in it. Before sunrise, this stale water should be drunk with the help of the nose or mouth by sucking in this activity.

          This ushapan is beneficial in the treatment of many types of diseases. Water quantity should be kept according to capability of patient in it. The quantity of ushapan water has been described about one liter in many epic. In ayurveda’s ‘Bhava prakasha”, its quantity has been described about 240 ml.

Technique of ushapan :

          For this activity, fill about 250-750 ml fresh and clean water with 3-4 basil leaves in a copper pot by covering it. Thereafter, put it on some high and clean place for whole night. If place of keeping water is much neat and clean and there is fear of falling any worm and insect in it, put this water in open sky without covering. Different types of elements of sky mix in this water by doing so. Thus, the water becomes very useful.

        Now, get up early in the morning before three hour of sun rising and clean your hand and mouth. Thereafter, drink this stale water of copper pot by sipping. This activity should be started with two glasses of water. After drinking water, walk for sometime thereafter you can go for evacuation. In this activity, increase the quantity of water slowly until four glasses of water. Do this activity regular in morning. If the water is much cold in winter season, make lukewarm to this water by heating a little.

          Ushapan is done through the nose too. If a person drinks water through, he should use a copper pot in which there is nozzle. Water can be drunk easily through the nose. While drinking water, pay attention on this fact whether right nostril is running or not. If right nostril is not running, lie down on left side for sometime, right nostril will become active. After that, raise left nostril up and drip the water in the nose slowly. The water will be come in the mouth. When first drought of water may come in the mouth, throw this water and then drink the water through the nose. If you want to get much benefits by this activity, mix some salt in this water. The body temperature remains equal by it.

Precaution :

        Ushapan should not be adopted in the cases of julab, intestines disorders, serious or worse wound, hiccup, vatta disorder, pneumonia and tuberculosis.  

          Ushapan is much beneficial if it is adopted through nose than the mouth. Adopt this activity through the mouth for some days in the beginning. This activity should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru. The practice of this activity should be done with ten ml water through the nose first. Thereafter, increase the water quantity slowly. If this activity is impossible through the nose, it should be taken through the mouth.

          If it is not possible, the water should not be drunk through nose forcibly. It should be kept in the mind that water should not be absorbed with breath but the water should come into the mouth while drinking water through the nose. You can feel nervousness and tear in the eyes while drinking water through the nose. There is no need to be worried in this case.

Other rules and knowledge about ushapan :

        Ushapan is adopted before sun rising and a person should not sleep after this activity. The person should walk for sometime after the activity. Thereafter, he should go for evacuation. Wash hands and mouth by coming from evacuation and go to morning walk. The body feels coolness and relief by walking in fresh air after this activity of Ushapan. The mind remains happy throughout the day. If any person has been suffering from headache or stomach disorders, he can lie down for 15-20 minutes after the ushapan and evacuation because doing so is beneficial but remember that sleeping after its adoption is very harmful.

        Many people do not adopt this activity due to this reason that if it is missed for a day, it can be harmful. But if this activity is missed for a day, it is not harmful. However, remember that it should not be left suddenly. Before leaving this activity, reduce water quantity slowly, when water quantity is left less, leave this activity.

        To get much benefit from Ushapan, a person must do some physical exercises. The person, who adopts it, should take normal food. Adopting it in the summer season is much beneficial. It should be started in the beginning of March and April.  

Benefits by ushapan :

        It cleans the stopped stool from the stomach and the person evacuate clearly. Thus, the stomach becomes clear. It is also useful in case of piles, stomach diseases and liver disorders. It ends urine and sperm related diseases. It cures leprosy, eyes diseases, headache and all the disorders of the vatta, pitta and kapha. This activity keeps the body far from senility and the person remains healthy without using medicines.

        Ushapan has been called nectar in ayurveda epics. So, it becomes clear by it that ushapan has several benefits. Constipation is broken by adopting this activity regularly. It ends the disorders of vatta and supplies blood towards the heart, brain and nervous system by purifying it by which these parts become strong. Below mentioned comment has been presented while describing about ushapan in vedhaka granthas -

Saviturudaya kale prasruti, salilasya pivedasto

Roga jara pari yukto ji vedwatkhar shatam khagram

          In other words, if eight fingers neat and clean water is drunk regularly before sun rising, a person never suffers from disease in his life. Thus, the person, who drinks water daily in morning, gets long life.

          The description of the benefits of ushapan has been described in this way in vedhak grantha-

          Arsha shoth grahnyo jwara jathara jara koshtha medo vikara

          Mutraghata srupitta shrana gal shir shroni shoolakshiroga

          Ye chanye vatta pitta kshataj kaphakrita vuadhyaya santajanta

          Stamstanbhyasa yogadapi harit paya patimante nidhaya

          In other words, ushapan is useful to cure many types of diseases as stomach diseases, headache, lumbago and hips pain. Its adoption reduces extra fat. Piles, swelling, sprue, fever, stomach diseases, constipation, urine diseases and blood disorders caused by vatta and kapha can be cured by this activity. Ushapan water makes the kidneys and intestines strong after reaching there. It helps in excreting stool clearly and makes digestion system active. It brings out the polluted liquids (which gather in urinary mass) with the urine, sweat and breath.

          The juice of food (which originates in the digestive system) reaches in the whole body after purifying by the activity by which all the body organs become active and strong. It reduces the blood warmth and brings out the body warmth with sweat. The food, which is not digested by the liver, comes out as stool by this activity. Ushapan makes the memory sharp and keeps a person far from grey hair. It cures all the diseases of eye as night blindness and its adoption increases eyesight. This activity provides relief in epistaxis and warmth diseases and sunstroke. It ends the mental tiredness; cleans the intestines; clears the stomach and circulates the energy and strength in the body.

Special note :

        Ushapan is very beneficial but if the nature of a person is not comfortable, he should not adopt this activity. It ends laziness, increases appetite and attraction as well as glow of the face. This activity generates coolness in the body, so it should be adopted carefully in winter season. The person, who is kapha natured, should do this activity carefully in summer season.