Use of water




           Different scholars have different opinions about drinking the water. Some say that drinking excessive water is useful for health whereas other say that drinking water more than need is harmful and is like unnecessary burden on the body. Some scholars say that water should be drunk at the time of drinking water and some say that water should be drunk in little quantity while taking meal. Thus, different people have different types of opinions. No person can boycott to the other about drinking the water whether there are so many principles about drinking the water. 

           Naturally, we feel thirst for completing the deficiency of water in the body and drinking no water in this case can be harmful for the body. If someone takes another thing as tea, coffee, wine, coke or other cold drink in place of water, these things will not quench the thirst. If coke quenches thirst by anyway, its use is very harmful for the body.  

We feel thirst for completing water deficiency and sustaining body temperature. Water deficiency of the body ends by drinking water. Its use ends the deficiency of oxygen in the lungs. Thus, blood of our body becomes pure and activeness comes in the body. So, drink water if you feel thirst. 

Function of water in the body:

  • Water is essential for the functions of different organs of the body. There is 80 percent water in the body. Tooth is the hardest and solid part of our body, which absorbs 4 percent water. In this way, bones are made of 11 to 14 percent water. Muscles have 75 percent water and blood has 80 to 87 percent water. Ninety percent water what we drink comes out from the body in the form of sweating and rest of 2 percent comes in the form of urine, sputum and saliva.
  • Water is an essential element for the body because it is in excessive quantity in our body and the blood provides strength by supplying in the smallest body organ because of water. Therefore, food is an essential element of water. Water is necessary for the digestion of meal, blood circulation, excreting polluted elements from the body. The water brings out all the polluted substances from the body in the form of sweat, stool-urine and vapor. A scientist says about the body, “Body is the production house of poison”. If lungs, skin, intestines, kidneys stop their functions in the absence of water, none can live for a single moment.
  • If skin pores or urinary gland become some weak in excreting polluted liquid from the body, the life becomes full of diseases soon and this thing brings death. The water throws out the polluted liquids from the body. the water is clean and pure at the time of drinking but when it comes out from the body it becomes poisonous. This is the reason that drinking water is called internal bath too.
  • Our vital power becomes strong and the blood keeps on circulating all over the body by drinking water in right quantity and right time by following the rules of drinking water. The body becomes healthy by it and the person remains strong. The water contains vital power. Therefore, water keeps on sustaining the life of all the living creatures. The body does not become warm because of the presence of water in the body. Presence of water is necessary for all the bodily chemical reactions of the body. After digestion, the juice, which provides strength to the body by reaching in the whole body, is because of water.
  • All these things prove that importance of water for life and use of water for body is very necessary. Therefore, a person should drink pure water in appropriate quantity on right time.