Use of hot water

That is the reason why the rules for using cold water after hot water have been made.

Use of hot water: For curing diseases, the people have been using warm water for ancient time. But, when it is used in a scientific way, it provides more benefits.   

When the patient sits or lies in lukewarm water (about 92 to 94 degree Fahrenheit), he feels hot in summer season, in other hand, he also gets relaxation by the circulation of it. Thus, lying in lukewarm water ends sleeplessness and neuralgic weakness. It also glows body skin. That’s why (this is the reason), it is very beneficial for weak patient who recover soon. 

It can be harmful to use little hot water (94 to 98 degree Fahrenheit) and hot water (98 to 104 degree Fahrenheit) again and again (frequently) for the skin. It stops the normal activities (functions) of the body that ends the vital power of the body. When we use hot water on our skin, the skin spreads and at the same time, blood carries internal dirt to the surface of skin. For good health, blood that comes with internal dirt on the surface of the skin should be returned again and it is not possible by using hot water again and again. It is also necessary to use cold water after using hot water.  

That is the reason why the rules for using cold water after hot water have been made. Bathing with cold water just after hot water generates two types of activities in the body, which are given below:-

The internal stiffness of the body ends due to waste (poisonous) products presents inside the body.       

It is beneficial for the heart to decrease blood pressure.

The waste (poisonous) products come out from the body due to blood circulation.

The body temperature and the functions of skin are increased due to taking bath for about 2 to 5 minutes. It makes the nervous systems active and heartbeats become fast. Taking bath with hot water does not give any effect on nutrition power and increases breath. Taking bath with hot water for 1 to 5 seconds decreases body temperature and skin functions. It generates contraction in the muscles and blood vessels, activeness in the nervous systems, increases heartbeats; it does not affect on nutrition power and makes breathing fast. Old people and physically weak patient should not take bath with hot water and such type of bath should not be taken after 2 hours of having meals and before one and half hour.

Hot bath: This type of bath is given to the patient after soaking a towel in the water of different temperature according to his physical condition. The patient, who can take this bath easily, should stand in a tub full of hot water with naked body. A towel, soaked with cold water, should be wrapped on the head before taking this type of bath. After it, another towel should be soaked in hot water and squeeze it. Now, the chest, stomach, legs and arms of the patient should be wiped. While giving hot towel bath, there is no necessity to rub his body with effort. If the towel is dried while wiping, it should be soaked again. After bathing, his body should be warmed by wrapping in a piece of dry cloth.        

If the patient is physically weak and suffers from the malfunctioning of blood circulation, he should take bath with warm water (about 105 to 110 degree Fahrenheit). While taking this type of bath, the patient should keep his head and neck as bending position and wash them with cold water properly again and again. If the patient can not able to take this bath as standing position, he should be made lying down for this purpose.

Such type of bath is very beneficial in typhoid fever. It is also benefited in the cases like- neuralgic weakness and night sweating in the T.B. patient.

Cold-hot towel bath: Giving hot and cold towel bath one after another is called ‘Cold-hot Towel Bath’. By giving this bath on the back, disorders related with the respiratory systems and heart are eliminated. When the heart becomes too weak due to blood poisoning, cold-hot towel bath should be taken. It ends weakness of the heart and makes it strong.  

Bathing with towel soaked in alkaline hot water: For this purpose, water having 120 to 130 degree Fahrenheit should be taken and 50 gram of Sodium bicarbonate per 1.5 litres of water should be dissolved in it. Now, a piece of sponge should be soaked in this solution and give bath to the patient. It is called bathing with towel soaked in alkaline hot water. 

Note: This type of bath checks the poison of scorpion, insects, etc.