Urtica urens



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Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms: Urtica Urens medicine is used in the cases of giddiness caused by head roaming and headache with spleen pain. It ends giddiness and pain quickly.  

Symptoms related to men diseases: Urtica Urens is an excellent remedy to end swelling and itching of testicles by that patient does not sleep comfortably at night.

Eye-related symptoms: The patient feels that water has filled in the eyes and suffers from eyes pain caused by laying and standing. Giving Urtica Urens drug to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Fever-related symptoms: Urtica Urens drug should be used to cure fever caused by arthritis, fever due to excessive heat and fever which appears daily on the bed at night with feeling stomach ulcer

Gynecology-related symptoms: Urtica Urens medicine is used to end the problems of decreased or lack of milk in breast, bleeding from uterus, scratched skin of vagina caused by intensive leucorrhoea, severe swelling of breast and vagina itching with stinging pain.     

Symptoms related to external organs of the body: Urtica Urens drug can be used in the cases of intensive pain of ankles, severe pain of wrists and violent pain of Trikon peshi caused by joints problems. It provides complete relief from pain.

Skin-related symptoms: Urtica Urens should be taken in the cases of skin spots with itching, intensive itching on the whole body, any type of side effect caused by reducing cold bile, skin inflammation within a limit, skin tumours with Chhapaki disease, skin blisters due to small pox, burnt wound, testicles inflammation with itching, swelling of nerves vessel, labiums ringworms with feeling warmth and burning sensation of labiums and feeling like many ants are crawling on the body. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   


These symptoms aggravate after scarlet fever, after delivery, at night, after bathing, after curing boils and pimples and after eating the snail.


These symptoms are ameliorated by laying or rubbing.


Urtica Urens drug can be compared with Apis, Cantharis, Ledum and Rhus-Toxicodendron medicines.


Mother tincture of lower potency of urtica urens medicine should be given to the patient. It cures patient quickly.