Urdhva Hastottana Asana



        The practice of this asana should be done on an open and airy place. The practice of this asana produces tensity in the body and is useful in many the types of diseases. This asana is one among the four asanas of Shankha Prakshalana. Practice of Shankha Prakshalana asana is impossible without the practice of this asana.


        Stand straight for the practice of this asana and join the fingers of the both hands together and raise them upward. The palms should be kept upward while raising the hands up. After coming in this position, stretch your hands up and bring tensity in the body and thereafter bend the body in the right side slowly according to your capacity. Stay in this position for sometime and return in normal position. After that, bend your body in the left side slowly and stop for sometime. Thereafter, return in normal position slowly. Keep the knees and hands straight and stretched while practice and do this activity equally from both the sides.


        The practice of this asana is useful in increasing body height and developing all body parts. This asana is one among four asanas of Shankha Prakshalana. Shankha prakshalana activity cannot be completed without Urdhawa Hastotana Asana. This asana makes the chest broad, waist thin and reduces excessive fat gathered near the hips. This asana makes the body beautiful and attractive. The practice of this asana massages the intestines properly. Ribs pain, constipation, sciatica and heaviness of the thighs are cured by this asana. This asana is done in the activity of purification of Shankha Prakshalana which is called Varisara too. Pregnant women can do the practice of this asana too. The person, who has been suffering from constipation, should do the practice of Tada Asana in the morning by drinking 2 glasses of water and after that do the practice of Urdhawa Hastotana Asana 4 times from each side. In the last, do the practice of Kati Chakra Asana and complete this asana. The practice of this asana cleans the intestines properly and breaks constipation completely. This asana ends sciatica pain and heaviness of the waist and thighs. It breaks constipation and clears the intestines, so the person, who wants make the intestines clean completely, should drink one glass of lukewarm water in the morning and do the practice of ‘Urdhva Hastottana Asana after the practice of ‘Tada Asana’.