Urdhawa Hastotana Asana


urdhawa hastotana asanaIntroduction:

        Fingers of both the hands are extracted upward by interlocking altogether in this asana, so it is called Urdhawa Hastotona Asana.


        First, stand straight for the practice of this asana. Interlock fingers of both the hands altogether and extract. Now bend the body on right side and then left side while taking breath (inhale).


        The practice of this asana is useful in increasing body height and in developing all body parts. This asana is one among the four asanas of Shankha Prakshalana. Shankha prakshalana activity is impossible without Urdhawa Hastotana Asana. This asana broadens chest and makes the waist thin. It reduces excessive fat gathered near about the hips. This asana makes the body beautiful and attractive. The practice of this asana massages the intestines properly. Ribs pain, constipation, sciatica and heaviness of the thighs are cured by this asana. This asana is done in the purification activity of Shankha Prakshalana, which is also called Varisara. Pregnant women can do practice of this asana too. The person, who has been suffering from constipation, should do the practice of Tada Asana in the morning after drinking 2 glasses of water. After that do the practice of Urdhawa Hastotana Asana 4-4 times from each sides. In the last, do the practice of Kati Chakra asana and complete this asana. The practice of this asana cleans intestines properly and breaks constipation completely.