Uranium nitricum



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Uranium Nitricum is considered very useful remedy to control diabetes. This medicine is beneficial in the problem of sugar with urine comes or not.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head–related symptoms:

The patient suffers from intensive headache like lots of weight put on the head with feeling head heaviness. The patient suffers from irritation caused by headache and mental disorders due to headache. Giving uranium nitricum medicine to the suffered patient ends above symptoms. 

Nose-related symptoms:

Uranium Nitricum drug is used in the cases of nostrils ulcers and excessive exudation from nose like pus. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Eye-related symptoms:

Uranium Nitricum should be used to end the problems of eyelids stye, intensive burning sensation of eyelids and sticking eyelids with eyes.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Uranium Nitricum is the great remedy in the cases of retching with vomiting, over eating, feeling over thirst all the day, deprived appetite, flatulence after meal, pricking pain in the portion of digestive system, stomach ulcers, wound in the duodenum and flatulence with stomach pain, and inflammation. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.     

Urine-related symptoms:

Uranium Nitricum drug is used to end the problems of excessive urination, inability to stop urine for a short time, frequent urination, gas trouble, burning sensation of ureter with acidic urination and bed wetting.

Symptoms related to men diseases:

Uranium Nitricum drug can be used in the cases of impotence, night fall and excessive coolness of genitalia with wetness from sweating. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  


Uranium Nitricum medicine can be compared with Ars, Arg, Nit, Marcurius-Corrosivus, Phosphorus and Phosphorus-A medicines.


Trituration of 2 potency of Uranium Nitricum medicine should be given to the patient. It provides complete relief.