Upas tiente



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Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms: Upas Tiente drug is used in the cases of slight pain inside the head, much irritation and undesired of doing any work. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.   

Eye-related symptoms: Upas Tiente is an excellent remedy in the cases of eyes pain with burning sensation, stye and pressing down eyes towards inside.

Mouth-related symptoms: Upas Tiente medicine should be used in the cases of any type of ringworm on the lips, burning sensation in upper portion of the tongue and mouth pain like prickly pin. It provides relief from above symptoms earlier.  

Symptoms related to men diseases: Upas Tiente drug can be used in the cases of slight pain of back caused by excessive sexual intercourse and severe sexual excitement but his excitement is ended when he makes sexual relationship. This medicine ends above symptoms.

Breath-related symptoms: Upas Tiente medicine is used in the cases of fast pulsation of heartbeat, intensive pain in right portion of the lung and nearby liver by that patient suffers from dyspnea and feeling like lots of weight is put in the stomach. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Skin-related symptoms: Upas Tiente is the great remedy for the treatment of intensive numbness of the hands and feet, burning sensation of scratched part and itching with redness of nail joints.

Removing bad effects:

Curare-woorari medicine is used to remove the side effects of Upas Tiente medicine.


Upas Tiente medicine can be compared with Upas Antiaris and oxalicum acidum medicines.


3 to 6 potencies of Upas Tiente medicine should be given to the patient. It makes the patient healthy within some time.