Uncontrollable sexual desire is very dangerous



Uncontrollable sexual desires bring bad consequences. People who always think about sexual intercourse or involve in imaginary coition by seeing beautiful women or girls become the victim of sensitive nervous system. They become sexually excited soon if they think a little about sex. If the man is unmarried, he becomes the victim of nightfall and if he is married, he can be the victim of early ejaculation.  Besides it, he becomes mentally depressed due to this problem.

There are some restrictions and limitations in Indian society in the reference of physical relationship. It will be beneficial if one takes sexual enjoyment by following the rules of Indian society. A line of marriage has been drawn to follow the rules of Indian society. Our society provides consent to establish sexual relations after marriage. In addition to, a man should establish sexual relation with his wife only after marriage because it is necessary according to Indian society. In spite of presence of such restrictions, many persons have sexual relation with other women after marriage because sex is uppermost desire of such men. Such kinds of men quench their sexual hunger by making sexual relation with harlots and call girls. A man of this kind forgets discretion and consequences of this wrong deed for the satisfaction of uncontrollable sexual lust. A man faces several problems and sometime he can become the victim of death.  

Sexual diseases:-

When a man with uncontrollable sexual desires does not become satisfied with his wife, he makes sexual relation with other women or prostitutes for the satisfaction of sexual desires. Such man goes to brothel for satisfaction. He always thinks about the sex spots. Such men spend their money to get sexual pleasure. In these situations, many persons become the victim of sexual diseases. Such sexual diseases are as gonorrhea or syphilis. Such diseases are the fatal diseases which destroys the life of a man.  

Normally, such diseases can be treated but sometimes, they become the cause of death too. Such disease is aids. Unsafe sexual intercourse, use of HIV affected blood and affected needle are considered the causes of aids. A man who makes sexual relation with another’s wife or with a harlot becomes the victim of aids. In this way, it can be said clearly that sexual relations with harlot or other women have been considered the major causes of the dangerous disease named aids.

This is very serious problem. All the stomach diseases can be treated through several medicines but the remedy of aids is not found by this moment.  A man should not be accused for uncontrollable sexual desires. Sexual relation with woman is considered good because there is no doubt of sexual transmitted disease if a man makes sexual relations with wife. A man is learnt since ancient time that he should not make sexual relation out of home at any rate.

This is the reason that an ideal age of marriage (21 for boy and 18 for girl) has been decided by our society. The reason behind this is that both boy and girl are able to take and provide sexual pleasure to each other in this group of age. A man does not wander here and there for sexual satisfaction if he is married. If a man makes sexual relation with another woman after marriage, he will have to face great troublesome as consequences.

Life of a person has been considered 100 years with good health in Indian society since ancient time. People of ancient time considered this fact. They have learnt how to live by removing the veils from the deep secret behind this fact. This is the reason that they passed hundred years with good and sound health. Circumstances have been changed now. On one hand, society has made restrictions for men whereas many men opposed above mentioned rule. Each rule made by society was tried to break. As one opposed social and moral rules as one has faced different kinds of troublesome.      

Sex is the part of life but life is not the part of sex. Uncontrollable sexual desires are deeply associated with offences. Rape is the springy example of such kinds of desires whereas sometimes sex is the main cause behind larceny and robbery informally.  Sometimes, a man attracts towards a woman to whom he cannot get through money or anyway but he wants to get her at any rate. In this situation, rape is the final option behind him. A rapist entangles himself into great trouble along with the woman by committing the offence of rape. Temporary sexual desires destroy everything of the rapist as well as the innocent victim of rape.

Uncontrollable sexual desire changes into a disease in many men. Sexual desires of such man become uncontrollable when he finds a woman alone. He observes nothing except sex with woman present there at that time. He does not worry what will happen in future after committing this offence.

If a man makes illegal relation with another wife, he has to spend money extravagantly on her. The rich face no problem but the common and the poor face. If the man is poor but he has uncontrollable sexual desires, he has only two options before him whether he may try to control his sexual desire or try to earn more and more money. Controlling sexual desires is very hard for him and this is the reason that he chooses the option of committing sex.  

Too much money cannot be earned in right way soon and this is the reason that he has to accept wrong way to earn money. This way goes into the world of crime. In this way, a man enters into the world of crime. Sometimes, a man murders to someone knowingly or unknowingly. In this case, it is obvious that he has to face imprisonment. 

Nowadays, television, magazine, fashion show, wearing short clothes and films work as catalyser. It can be said without hesitation because all such things excite a man’s sexual desires. This is the reason that sexual offences take birth in our society.  

One thing becomes necessary to tell repeatedly that if a man wants to pass happy life, he should not forget all the social rules and restrictions of family. A man should try to control his sexual desires. If he does not so, he can be the victim of sexual diseases. This situation can be very dangerous for a man. A man can take the real joy of sexual intercourse by following the rules of society and family. An ill person passes his days in great difficulty. How an unhealthy man can take the real joy of sex.    

A man should not lose control over his sexual desires. How and when a man become the victim of aids. None knows about it. If he wants to take the real sexual pleasure, he should try to be an ideal husband towards his wife. When a man wants purity from his wife, he should also try to be an ideal husband completely. A man who loves his wife and family can this surely. A man does not think why hundreds of rules have been made for a woman if he is not a true and worthy husband.

Avoid from salacious persons:-

Several men always think about sex. They make imaginary sexual relation every moment. Such men have mean character. They bring defame and disrespect for family because of their salacious nature but such men care for nothing except sex. Thinking of this kind does not change after getting maturity. They do wrong deed as they find chance to do something wrong. Often, small and innocent girl become the victim of such men. Small girls have no knowledge about it and this is the reason that wrong deed remains unopened.

Society should boycott such kinds of men and make hard rules to punish them. A little freedom should not be given to such kind of men at any rate. A responsible citizen should raise voice against rapists and wrong doers. If it is not done, they get a freedom to do wrong thing.


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