When wound occurs in the stomach due to careless of his meal, it is called ulcer. Ulcer is caused by excessively taking tea, coffee and wine. It can be also caused by using excessive sour things, spicy food and such things that generates warmth in the body. Owing to worry, jealously, anger, work loads, mentally problems and restless etc. this disease can be. Sometimes, the wound occurs in the stomach and duodenum by being poisonous disease that gathers polluted water in the stomach. Owing to such wound making digestive juice stops in the stomach because of which ulcer occurs.


          In this disease, frequntly burning sensation occurs in the stomach and any symptoms appear as- sour belching, vometing, headache, do not feeling like to eat food, constipation, diarrhea with blood, weakness of the body and restless etc.

Diet and abstinence:  

  • You should take milk, the soup of vegetable, groats and custard consequently, it provides relief in ulcer.

  • A dish of groats boiled with vegetables, chapati, cooked rice should be taken, it is useful. 

  • The suffered patient should take little a bit at an interval of few moments.  

  • The patient should avoid the work of physically and mentally because it ends  stomach wrinkle and cures ulcer.  

  • The patient has been suffering form ulcer, he should take cold milk, ripen banana, sapodilla plum, custard apple and boiled apple at an interval of every two-two hours.

  • The patient, who has been suffering from ulcer, should not take spicy non-vegetarian food which generates burning sensation in the mucus membrane. 

  • Tea, coffee, wine and smokes should not be taken.

  • The juice of sour fruit and fruit should not be taken.

  • We should take fibrous substance because it ends burning sensation of the stomach caused by ulcer.

  • Do not take excessive sweet and sour substances.  

  • If the patient has been suffering from ulcer, should not take pine apple, orange, guava and tomato because it is harmful to him.

  • The patient should take milk, ripped banana, sapodilla plum, custard apple and apple.

  • The patient should not take fine flour, corn-flour, pastry, cake, jam and jelly.   

  • Do not take raw vegetables, sprouted pulse and the vegetables of soft and tender leaves.

Treatment by different medicines :  

1. Orange: Take two spoon juice of orange after meal daily to cure the ulcer and remove stomachache. 

2. Indian Gooseberry:  

  • Mix one spoon juice of Indian Gooseberry and one spoon honey and take, it cures stomach ulcer caused by accumulating polluted liquid in the stomach.    
  • Mix one spoon powder of Indian gooseberry, half spoon powder of dry ginger, half spoon powder of cumin seed and one spoon sugar candy together and take it in the morning and evening, it cures stomach ulcer and also provides relief in stomachache and vomiting.

3. Banana: Banana has the property of decreasing acid level in the body and recovery of the wounds. Stomach ulcer is cured by taking 2 pieces of banana after meal daily.

4. Betel leaf: Take half spoon juice of green betel leaves; it cures stomach ulcer and stomachache.

5. Myrabalan chebulie: Grind 2 pieces of myrabalan chebulie and 4 pieces of dry grape together and take; it ends the burning sensation of the stmach and vomiting.

6. Castor: Mix 2 spoons oil of castor in cow urine or milk and take; it cures the ulcer of intestine.

7. Himalayan Cedar:

  • Grind Himalayan cedar, the roots of mango, scindapsus officinalis, hoarse radish and winter cherry with cow urine and apply it on the stomach to cure stomach ulcer.
  • Mix equal quantity of Himalayan cedar, hoarse radish and citron in cow urine. After that, give it to the patient to get relief in stomach ulcer. 

8. Dry ginger: Grind one spoon piper chaba hunter and one spoon dry ginger together and mix it in cow urine. Stomach ulcer is cured by taking it.  

9. Winter cherry: The patient who has been suffering from stomach ulcer, he should take ground 4 grams winter cherry in cow urine.    

10. Liquorices: The patient who has been suffering from stomach ulcer and intestine wound, he should take one spoon powder of liquorices root with a cup of milk thrice a day consequently, it cures ulcer within some weeks but do not take chilly and spicy food.     

11. Milk: The stomach ulcer patient should take milk again and again and also take the juice of pomegranate and the compote of Indian Gooseberry because it cures ulcer.  

12. Radish: Sometimes, the wound of intestine occurs due to taking the food substances that generate chronic constipation and burning sensation or is pungent. To cure this disease, take 100 ml juice of sweet radish two and three times in a day.  

13. Carrot: Mix 150 ml juice of carrot, 100 ml juice of spinach and 50 ml juice of cabbage together and take it for some months to get benefit in ulcer. 

14. Ghee: Boil the powder of turmeric and liquorices with water to make the paste and apply this paste on the stomach after cooling it to get relief in ulcer.

15. Banana: Take banana and milk together to get relief in the disease of ulcer.  

16. Indian privet: Boil 50 grams leaves of Indian privet in 500 ml water until remain four part of it and then take 10 to 20 ml this water two and three times in a day to cure peptic ulcer.