Typhoid (Antrik Jwar) is caused by polluted environment and taking dirty water or diet for a long time. This type of fever is represented by several names as intermittent fever (Miyadi Fever), Motijhara etc. Typhoid patient becomes physically weak. The patient can die if they do not take the proper treatment on right time.

Different Name:

1.  Miyadi Fever

2.  Moti Jhara. ( a kind of Typhoid fever)

3.  Typhoid.


           Typhoid (Antrik Jwar) occurs from drinking dirty water and taking outsider foods (which are not home made) because these foods are open and mosquitoes and flies sit on it and release germs which cause the diseases. The germs of this disease reach from a sufferer to healthy persons and make them patient. Mostly (especially) small children and young people are suffering from this disease. The germs enter in the body and create poisoning affect in the intestine, because of it; the wounds are appearing on the surface of the intestine. In this condition, blood comes with stool. In the condition of diarrhoea, there is high possibility of the bad position of the patient. This disease also occurs due to many reasons as improper diet, taking meal against apatite, taking meal in the condition of indigestion, fast, changing weather, reaching poison things in the stomach, doing more sex, excessive worry, sorrow, hard work, doing work in the sun light and before fire etc.


      In the condition of Typhoid, the patient has pain in the different part of the body, headache, and constipation problem, restless and high and low fever. If we lie excessively on the bed, we have waist pain too. The patient does not sleep in the whole night. In the first week, the patient has light fever about 100 to 102 degree and in the second week, the temperature of the body increases from 103 to 105 degree. In the third week, fever increases above 105 degree and along with increment of the fever, the patient feels stomachache, headache, cough and so over thirst. Patient faces the difficulties in standing, walking etc; their legs stagger and darkness becomes before the eyes.

       If someone got diarrhoea in the condition of Typhoid because of the carelessness of diet, the position of the patient follow a wrong path (damage). The patient can die due to weakness. In the second week of Typhoid, there are small white pimples appear on the stomach and chest of the patient. Owing to these white pimples, Typhoid is also known as Moti Jhara (Typhoid). If the pimples do not fully disappear after curing typhoid, it can be very harmful for the patient.

           There are many symptoms of this disease as: Tiredness in the body, yawning again and again, burning sensation in the eyes, disinclination of the food, and sometime feeling hotness and sometime coolness, cough, high breathing, unconscious, talking about here and there, feeling roughness on the tongue, violent pain in the head, feeling thirst again and again, pain in chest, less sweating, coming out stool and urine lately and in lack of quantity, excessive weakness in the body, appearing round and red freckle on the body, hoarseness, maturating ears and nose etc., flatulence, deep sleep in day, sleeplessness in night, spiting again and again, cutting papers, darkness under the eyes and other.

Food and Avoidance:-  

           Food without spices, pulse of kidney bean, and green vegetables should be given to the patient of Typhoid. The patient, who suffers from typhoid, can also use boiled water.

           Out sourcing food (which is not made at home) should not be given to the patient of Typhoid. The patient should not take the fried food, cold water and also cold things.

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in typhoid (internal fever):
1.     Dried Grapes (Munakka) :

Dried Grapes (Munakka) :

    • The patient gets fast relief by taking the dried grape after tearing it from the center and sprinkle black salt on it before roasting. According to the modern Scientists, the germs of Typhoid destroyed by the use of dried grape. The dried grape should not be taken in excessive quantity because using of dried grape causes diarrhoea.
    • Prepare the decoction by boiling dried grape, malabar nut, myrabalan chebulie in an equal quantity (3-3 grams) in 300 ml water then mix honey and sugar candy in it. Give it to the patient to drink. It provides relief in Typhoid.
    • Oily purge (Julab) can harmful to the patient if he/she suffers from Typhoid, so the patient should drink milk after boiling with 3-4 dried grapes, it can easily eliminate constipation.
    2.     Tinospora:

    Tinospora (a medicinal creeper that is bitter in taste):

      Mix the juice of 5 ml tinospora with a little honey and lick it. It gives much relief in Typhoid. The decoction of tinospora can also be drink with honey.
      3.     Parsley (Ajmod):

      Parsley (Ajmod):

        Lick the powder of 3 grams parsley with honey in the morning and evening, gives relief.
        4.     Black Basil:

        Black Basil:

          Extract the juice from the equal quantity (3-3 gram) of black basil, forest basil and mint then give 3 gram to the patient 2-3 times in a day. It is very useful.
          5.     Gourd:


            The warmth of the fever decreases if we rub the piece of gourd on the sole.
            6.     Mustard Oil:

            Mustard Oil:

              Massage the chest with the mustard oil after mixing rock salt in it. It helps to release out phlegm and prevents cough.
              7. The pulse of green lentil:

              The pulse of green lentil:

                Give cooked pulse of lentil to the patient for relief. Do not use spices, oil and ghee to fry the pulse of green lentil.
                8. Ceylen lead-wort (Chittrak):

                Ceylen lead-wort (Chittrak):

                  Grind a seed of utrasum bead tree (rudraksh) with water and mix it with 1 gram powder of the bark of ceylen lead-wort. Pimples appear after taking this preparation in the condition of Typhoid.
                  9. Clove:


                    • Boil 5 cloves in 2 liter of water until water remains half liter then filter it. Give this water to the patient again and again. It is also beneficial to cure Typhoid.
                    • If the patient feels so much thirst in the condition of Typhoid, give a little decoction to him. The decoction is prepared by boiling 5 cloves in 500 ml water.
                    10. Small Peeper:

                    Small Peeper:

                      Take about half gram powder of small peeper with honey; it is beneficial to cure Typhoid.
                      11. Camphor :

                      Camphor :

                        • Give about half gram camphor or 5 to 20 drops camphor water to the patient to develop the blood vessels. As a result of it, sweat comes out and fever reduces. Karpuramb is obtained after tying the camphor in the thin cloth, sink it in water, and stir well.
                        • In the beginning condition of typhoid, the patient should not take cooked food that made from grain. Wounds occur in the intestine because of the infection of germs. The patient feel over thirst, starts on vomiting because of excessively drinking water. In this condition, boil 2 to 3 pieces clove in water and filter it then give to the patient in a little quantity again and again. It provides benefit.
                        12. Pipal:


                          Burn the bark of pipal and cool (extinguish) it in water then give to the patient slightly to drink after filtering. It quenches his thirst consequently; the patient does not feel vomiting too.
                          13. Yeast (khmeera):

                          Yeast (khmeera):

                            To cure typhoid, lick yeast. It normalizes heart pulsation.
                            14. Camphor:


                              In the condition of typhoid, to check diarrhea, give the tablets of camphor with water to the child after grinding tablet. It provides benefit.
                              15. Lotus seed (Kamal Guttas):

                              Lotus seed (Kamal Guttas):

                                Grind an equal quantity of kamal gutta and cardamom to make fine powder. Licking 2 grams this powder daily in the morning and evening with honey is useful in the condition of Typhoid.
                                16. Orange:


                                  Orange prevents heat stroke, fever and disturbance (unrest, restlessness). Give milk by mixing orange juice in it to the patient or give orange to eat after drinking milk. Orange should be given to the patient several times in a day. As a result of it, stool and urine come out easily.
                                  17. Apple:


                                    To prevent Cardiac Weakness and Cardiac Failure, the patient should take the jam of apple for 15 to 20 days.
                                    18. Banana:


                                      For the patients of Typhoid, banana is a good food because it decreases hunger and thirst.
                                      19. Mint:


                                        Mix a little sugar in the juice of mint; ram tulsi (which have small and green leaves), black basil (which have black leaves). Take this preparation, it is useful in Typhoid.
                                        20. Dry Ginger:

                                        Dry Ginger:

                                          Grind 3 grams of dry ginger in nanny goat’s milk and give to the pregnant women. It is useful in Visham fever (Typhoid).
                                          21. Pomegranate:


                                            Mix 1/2 gram rock salt in the decoction of pomegranate’s leaves and taking this preparation is useful in Typhoid.
                                            22. Salt:


                                              Dissolve 1 spoon of salt in a glass of water and takes this solution 1 time in a day. It reduces Typhoid and cures after some times.
                                              23. Basil:


                                                • Grind 10 leaves of basil and about half gram mace (javitri) together. Now give this mixture with honey to the patient to lick. It is useful.
                                                • Mix an equal quantity of black basil, forest basil and mint and then give this mixture to the patient for 3 to 7 days in the morning, afternoon and evening. It is useful in Typhoid.