Typhoid fever



          Typhoid is a type of infectious fever. In this disease, pink spots like small eruptions are appeared on the body. The spleen is enlarged and stomach disorders are increased.


       Following symptoms are found in the patient of this disease like- headache, fever, vomiting, feeling cold, loss of appetite, pain in the muscles, coating on the tongue. The patient is also suffered from constipation and loose motions in this disease. The chief symptom of this disease is increasing 1-20 C fever in the evening comparison to morning.        


        This disease (typhoid) occurs due to a type of bacteria, named bacillus typhus. These bacteria grow rapidly in milk and butter, but in hot water, they are being destroyed (killed). These bacteria are entered inside healthy body through water, milk, and due to flies, saliva, stool, urine and from sick person to healthy ones. As a result of it, the healthy person is suffered from this disease. These types of bacteria produce a type of poison inside the body that is spread in all the organs of nervous system through blood causing blood poisoning.  

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        The patient suffering from this disease should used powerful magneto on his/her soles in the morning and then on the acupuncture point Li-11 and Gv-14 in the evening. The north pole of the magnet should be used on the acupuncture point Gv-14 and the South Pole should be used just left side of it. The patient should also take North Pole water at the intervals of every 2-2 hours. If the patient is suffering from severe fever, blue oil should be applied on his/her temples. It provides relied to the patient. 

Other treatment-

        The patient should keep his/her surrounding clean. It any member of the family is suffering from this disease, the feces, urine, vomiting and spit of the patient should be decomposed or sprinkled phenyl on them. He/she should take liquid substances abundantly in his/her diet. When the patient’s fever remains in normal condition till 3 days, he/she should drink milk added with eggs and small pieces of bread as well as the patient should need to take complete rest.