Types of earth



          There are several kinds of earths and each kind of earth has different characteristics.

Black soil:

          Black earth is found in the regions of river or alluvial land. This earth is beneficial for the safety of hair and it keeps hair neat and clean.  

Red soil:

        Red soil is found in the region of vindhaya predesh and hills of chunar. Ruddle is suck kind of earth which is used to paint the houses.

White and yellow soil:

        This kind of earth is found near about ponds, fields and river. Such kind of earth is used for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. 

Alkali earth:

          It is a kind of earth and used to cleanse the clothes.

Muscovite earth:

          It is a different kind of earth which is used by women on the body as a paste (ubtan) and in the hair. A kind of lustre comes on the skin of the body and hair of women.

Sandy earth:

          Sandy is called earth too which is essential for human being like meal and water. But qualities of sandy earth are known by the physician of nature. Foodstuffs which are eaten in natural form as vegetables, cucumber (kheera), (kakri) have some portion of sand. We lose it in the lack of knowledge. These particles of sand help to normalize digestion system.    

          None think about it that why water of falls is considered beneficial for the heath. Why this water does enhance appetite of a person and why digestion system does become normal after drinking this water. It happens because this water contains the particles of sand which are taken with water. These water falls come from the mountains and bring heap of sand. This is the reason that water digests meal properly.

          Sandy earth has the capacity to destroy poison. Sandy earth works as a medicine to remove the infection in the behalf of nature. It has been proved with examples that sandy earth is very essential for health. A person who has been suffering from constipation and other disturbances of stomach, he should sallow one pinch sandy earth of seaport twice or thrice a day. Intestines of the stomach become loose on the next day and a person evacuates stool easily. In this way, constipation breaks completely by doing so.