Tussilago petasites



        Specially, Tussilago petasites medicine acts on the symptoms of urinary bladder consequently; gonorrhea and other urinary problems are ended. This medicine is also used to cure pylorus symptoms. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Urinary symptoms:

         Tussilago petasites drug should be used in the cases of pain or burning sensation while urinating and sensation like something is crawling in the ureter. It provides relief from above symptoms completely.

Symptoms related to the men diseases:  

          Tussilago petasites is a beneficial remedy to end the symptoms as gonorrhoea, thick and yellow discharge with urine, excessive excitement of the penis along with sensation like something is crawling in the ureter and pain of the sperm ducts.


          Tussilago petasites medicine can be compared with Tussilago fragrance and Tussilago pharphara medicines. 


           Mother tincture of Tussilago petasites medicine should be given to the afflicted patient.