Turpeth Root



Dose: One should take 5 grams Turpeth root.

Quality: Turpeth root is a type of root of a tree. It is hot and dry in nature. It throws out Kapha and choked motion with faeces. It also eliminates pus from uterus, stomach, head and liver. It purifies blood too.

Note: black nisot should not be used.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Fever: Take turpeth root dissolved with dry grape’s juice, it cures fever.

2. Stomach wind: Grind 100 grams turpeth root, 10 grams pepper and 100 grams sugar together and prepare the powder. After that, take one spoon of this powder with honey after meal, it provides relief.

3. Constipation: Grind 5 grams turpeth root, 2 grams small pepper and 40 grams sugar-candy together and make the powder. Taking 6 grams powder with honey before meal is useful to break constipation.

4. Back pain: Grind turpeth root with milk and mix half spoon malabar nut’s juice and take this mixture, it eliminates back pain.

5. Jaundice: Grind turpeth root, dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper, babreng (Baybidang), false calumba, lead wort, costus root, piper chaba, Triphala, holarrhena antidysentrica wall (Indrazav), helle bore, pepper root, nut-grass, galls, caraway, bay-berry and hogweed root each 10 grams together to make the powder. Sieve this powder. Mix 150 grams sugar in it and cook with 2-litre water until it thickens. Mix honey and prepare tablets like pea. Dry these tablets in shadow and take one tablet with water as a first thing in morning and evening regularly for 15 days. It is a useful medicine for the treatment of cough, asthma, tuberculosis, surfeited, piles, sprue, bleeding, stomach worms and jaundice.