Tumor of uterus



        Women become the victim of uterus tumor because of which they have to face many problems. This disease may be the cause of death if the treatment is not started soon.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The woman should keep fast at least one month. She should drink only fruit’s juice during this period. Besides it, she should adopt enema with lukewarm water regularly to cleanse the stomach.
  • After fast, the woman should take normal and easily digestive food. She should take dry friction bath, cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan), bodily exercises and other exercises of breathing.
  • Mix salt in lukewarm water and take bath with this water once in a week. The patient should take bath with cold and hot water one by one.
  • All the treatments should be stopped at the onset of menstrual excretions.
  • The woman should cleanse her vagina and uterus by drenching wad of cotton in lukewarm water. The disease is cured soon by the use of this treatment.