Tumor of The Finger



        It is kind of tumor of the fingers. A person suffers from violent pain when this tumor appears on the finger. The patient does not sleep at night due to pain of the finger. First, this tumor appears near about the nail of the finger generally. It becomes red and changes into a blain when pain increases in the boil. It is called gungi in Hindi and felon in English.

Treatment of felon according to naturopathy:

  • Give steam on the finger where felon appears on the finger for ten minutes three four times. Thereafter, sink finger into cold water. Pain of the felon of the finger reduces to some extant by doing so.
  • Felon affected finger should sink into cold water. Thereafter, a clean cloth should wrap on the finger by drenching in cold water and finger should sink into cold water again.
  • If pus is produced into the felon of the finger, give steam on the finger for at least half hour 3-4 times in a day. Make a hole in the felon with the help of a needle when the felon suppurates. Tumor disappears after drying by doing as mentioned above.
  • The patient should drink 25 ml water of sky blue colored bottle 6 times in a day. He should keep his disease affected finger in green light at least half hour. The patient gets rid of this disease by doing so.