Specially, Tuberculinum medicine is used to cure several types of symptom related to the kidney. This medicine should be used with carefully to cure kidney problems because it may be harmful where skin and intestines do not work properly. If such patient takes its higher potencies, it may be harmful for him. This medicine also ends chronic swelling of the urinary bladder.   

          Tuberculinum drug is very useful to cure the T.B. symptoms especially such T.B. in which patient suffers from light wound and chest contraction. This medicine is also beneficial in the cases of fibers looseness, body weakness due to curing disease again, excessive sensitivity about the changing weather, feeling of tiredness all the time, sensation of excessive tiredness due to moving, undesired of working, desire of doing something new, sensation of coolness caused by blowing light air and symptom which keep changing.    

          Tuberculinum is a precious medicine for the neuralgic children, epilepsy attack and neural depression. This medicine is also used to cure the symptoms as child diarrhoea for many weeks, excessive weakness, bluish body, mentally weak children, tonsils enlargement, skin diseases, intensive pain of the joints, excessive sensitivity, physically and mental weakness, neural weakness, depression all the time, body shivering and joints swelling.   

Use of Tuberculinum drug based on symptoms in various body parts:   

Mind-related symptoms:

          Tuberculinum drug has the symptoms related to mind consequently, several types of symptoms associated with mind ends. This drug heals these types of symptoms as attack of insanity, anxiety, lack of sleep, etc. Such symptoms related to sleep in which the patient sleeps like unconscious condition. When the patient wakes up he is very irritable, easily angered, disappointment and fears from dog always. He has such symptoms as changing in nature, misbehavior, disgust to others and swears on trifles. This drug should be used in mental symptoms.

Head-related symptoms: -

          Tuberculinum drug should be used in these types of symptoms as deeply pain of brain, neuralgia, strange things before eyes, intense headache as any bandage is tied around the head, sensation of burning in the membrane that covers the brain, diminishing of water from body through sweat and urinating, diarrhea, exudation from abscess, etc. The use of Tuberculinum drug is curable such type of symptoms as horrify dreams at night, wakeful of sleep caused by illusion, hair stickiness due to presence of bacillus, crops of small ulcers, rapid pain, alternate ulceration inside the nose, discharging of stink pus from nose, etc.

Ear-related symptoms: -

          Tuberculinum should be used in frequent discharging of stink pus from the ear, zigzag edges of the ear due to presence of hole in ear counter, etc. 

Symptoms related to gastric: -

          Tuberculinum should be used in such type of symptoms as loath of eating meat and beginning of retching and vomiting to eat meat.  

Abdominal symptoms: -

         Patient should use Tuberculinum drug in several abdominal symptoms as sudden diarrhoea in morning, expulsion of hard and saffron excrement with fetid stench, intestinal T.B., etc. 

Symptoms related to female: -

          Tuberculinum drug should be used in the symptoms related to female as breast ulcers, too earlier and too much menses along with pain and fierce pain caused by excessive flowing of menses. 

Symptoms related to respiration: -

          Tuberculinum drug should be used to cure these types of symptoms related to respiration as enlargement of tonsillitis, complaint of dry and severe cough at night, discharging of thick mucus along with cough, too much flowing from wind pipes, dyspnea, suffocation that reduces from fresh air, great desire of chill air, inflammation of child- trachea, severe cough that appears as a attack, over sweating, lack of body weight, rumble sound from the chest and beginning of gutikasanchaya from lungs top. Keep attention, frequent use of this drug is harmful.    

Symptoms related to back: -

          Tuberculinum drug should be used in these symptoms as feeling of stress in the bones behind the neck and bones of bellower spine, feeling of cold in middle of shoulders or upper portion of the back, etc.

Symptoms related to skin:-

          Tuberculinum drug should be used in these symptoms as benign ringworms on the skin, such itching on the skin that aggravates at night, presence of acnes on the children face who has been suffering from T.B., complaint of itching, etc.

Symptoms related to sleep: - 

          Tuberculinum drug should be taken by such patients who are victim of these types of symptoms as sleepiness due to mental or other troubles, feeling of pain in the head or body in day caused by late sleeping at night while earlier waking up in morning and dreams of faint, restless and horrify themes.   

Symptoms related to fever: -

        Tuberculinum drug should be used each two hour interval to cure the fever that aggravates gradually and remains incessant after complete aggravation. Patient should take this drug in the symptoms as over perspiration, feeling of cold, etc. 

Aggravation: -

          The symptoms aggravate from moving, music, before the storm, to remain stand, from current of chill air, in morning and in sleeping posture.

Amelioration: -

          The patient gets relief from opened air.

Comparison: -

          Tuberculinum drug can be compared with Calcarea-carbonica, Kali-Salphuricum, Sorinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia and Sulphur drugs.

Complementary: -

          calc, China and Bryonia are complementary drugs of Tuberculinum.

Dose: -

          Higher potencies than 30th of Tuberculinum drug are used. Again intake of this drug should be used at a long gap. Medium potencies of this drug should be used for children troubles.