Trshaya Asana



        The place for the practice of this asana should be neat, clean and airy. For the practice of this asana, stand straight and extend your hands straight forward and join them altogether (hand should be in joined form like prayer). Now bend your head in the left side and keep the eyes on the hands. Keep the hands stable and turn the body. Now bend towards the waist so that the hands the right hand may go at the back side of the right leg and your eyes may remain at the back side of the left hand. After that, hold your right heel with right hand. Observe towards the back side of the hands over the head. Keep the knees straight. If you feel difficulty while going downward, bend the body downward according to your capacity and increase the number of practice of it slowly. Now return in normal position slowly and keep the hands and arms altogether. Repeat this activity twice from the left side. Thus, do this activity two times by both the legs.


        The practice of this asana makes the blood circulation fast and originates flexibility in the whole body. This asana makes the body strong and powerful. Internal disorders and all types of stomach diseases disappear after the practice of this asana.