Triumfeta Rhombodea



Name in different languages:

Hindi          :       Chiryari, Chitke, Chitki

Sanskrit      :       Jhhinjhharita, Gangeruki

Marathi       :       Tupcari, Ladige, Chipte, Kutri

Bengali       :       Benocara

Latin           :       Trayampheta rom-bayandi

Gujarati       :       Jhhipto


          Triumfeta Rhombodea is pungent and bitter in taste, cool in nature and smooth. It increases body strength and sperm count. It ends bile disorders, blood disorders caused by bile and hemorrhage. It prevents diarrhoea and cures fever, and tuberculosis. It also brings phlegm out.

          Grind triumfeta Rhombodea root with water and mix pigeon dung in it. Applying this preparation on the ulcer bursts ulcer soon. It is also useful to cure wounds soon.