Triticum & agropyron repena




          Triticum agropyron repena drug is used to cure several types of symptom of the body. Specially, this medicine acts on the urinary bladder. This medicine is used to cure the urinary symptoms as burning sensation and swelling of the urinary bladder, dysuria and gonorrhoea. 

Useful in various symptoms:  

Nose symptoms:

          Triticum agropyron repena drug should be used to cure the symptom as nose tickling or feeling like something has filled in the nose by that patient has to clean his nose again and again.

Urinary symptoms:

       Triticum agropyron repena is an excellent remedy in the cases of frequent urination, intensive pain while urinating, sand substance with urination, albuminuria, pus with urinating, anuria, kidney inflammation, enlargement of prostate gland, chronic burning sensation of the urinary bladder, incontinence urinating, urination in much amount and burning sensation in the mucous membranes. The patient feels that some urine has remained after frequent urinating too.  


         Triticum agropyron repena medicine can be compared with Trediskesia, Chimaphilla, Senecio, Popyul-te, Buchu and Yuva medicines.


          Mother tincture or 2x potencies of Triticum agropyron repena medicine should be taken.


          Triticum agropyron repena drug should be given to the patient according to some special symptoms as bleeding from upper portion of the ear, pain while urinating, blood or pus with urinating and testicles inflammation.

          Politricum juniperinum medicine is used in the symptoms as pain while urinating in the old age (groundmass), filled water of the kidney and retention of urine